In Home Catering Service And Things You Should Know


In home catering service is always known as the services that take place in large hotel and restaurant parties, so do you really understand this service? If not, then let's find out through the article below! 

The concept of Catering Service

Catering Service is also known as a form of specializing in providing all kinds of party services (such as: wedding parties, seminars, events, team building...) at the place based on the requirements of customers of the restaurant, hotel or at home. In addition to being in charge of serving dishes, Catering Service will also often be responsible for the decoration, menu planning or customers can choose as they like, sound and light setup, etc. bridge.

Some popular types of Catering today

Currently, hotel restaurants will usually have 2 types of Catering Service that customers should know, including: Inside and Outside Catering. 

Types of Catering Service are popular at large restaurants and hotels
Types of Catering Service are popular at large restaurants and hotels

Inside Catering Service

A type of party organization that takes place directly within the hotel restaurant in its own space and completely separate from other business areas. 

Most Inside Catering services will be handled by the Banquet department in charge of the setup and preparation stages. Inside Catering Service will mostly be available in high-class restaurants or 4-5 star hotels and resorts.

Outside Catering Service

Outside Catering Service is a form of serving outside parties based on the requirements of customers. This type of form will be somewhat more complicated and stressful because it requires a lot of preparation and procedure transportation of equipment, supplies, food, staff staff to the venue and clean up after the party. 

Not only that, sometimes organizing outdoor services will face many difficulties due to objective factors such as unexpected weather, ...

Currently, there are countless Catering Service companies specializing in the Outside type with a variety of cost levels for customers to choose from. With 4-5 star restaurants, hotels and resorts, they will provide quality Outside Catering Service and come with very attentive food and service quality. 

In home Catering Service the choice for families

In home Catering Service is also known as the development of Inside Catering with the purpose of bringing the party to your home. In addition, there are some benefits that In home Catering can really bring, such as:

In home Catering Service suitable service for every family
In home Catering Service suitable service for every family

Prepare meals quickly with In home Catering Service

In home Catering Service support service for every family. Services will include: welcoming guests, making thoughtful preparations, cooking and serving guests thoughtfully. The most special part of the service is that you and your family can spend time with your party guests without having to worry about everything, including cleaning. 

Catering Service at home – bring dishes to your guests

Like other Catering Services, In home Catering Service will have a variety of food menus, you can choose according to your own wishes and the party service will prepare the dishes for you. In addition, there are many party services that will be able to provide processing and cooking services, so that the dishes are always fresh and hygienic, you can reheat or re-cook when receiving the prepared dishes. variable. 

Some things to note about In home Catering Service

To be able to organize a successful In home Catering Service, everyone needs to note a few things:

Things people need to keep in mind when organizing In home Catering Service
Things people need to keep in mind when organizing In home Catering Service

Skills when organizing services at home

An important factor when organizing In Home Catering Service is skill. The person in charge, the top manager in charge of organizing the party at home for the guests must have the calculation, as well as arrange the serving staff accordingly in the party. In addition, the person in charge must have the skills to run the whole and handle the arising situations well and coordinate smoothly with other departments before, during and after the party. 

The required organization plan is well prepared

When receiving a request to organize the In home Catering Service, the organizer needs to conduct a review, survey the topography of the area and also the party space.

From there, it will be easy to advise on service packages in accordance with the requirements and wishes of customers. After receiving the agreement from the customer, the person in charge of the party will make detailed plans for personnel, necessary items, and assign specific and detailed jobs for each position. deployment department in the event.

Menu in in home catering service

The similarity between In home Catering Service and other Catering services is that the dishes must be of good quality, hygienic and safe. In addition, some dishes need to be safely transported to the party event. 

Cost in home catering service

In addition to some costs such as food, drinks, and service, the supplier needs to calculate an additional amount, carefully calculate the fees and service costs incurred outside such as sound, light, etc. decoration… to give the most reasonable price to customers.


Above is a summary of information about catering service and in home catering service that Pasta Fresca Sai Gon wants to share with you. If you and your family want to organize an in home catering session but don't have much time and effort to do so, please let us know. Pasta Fresca help you.

And if you are looking for a restaurant that provides quality catering services; Don't hesitate to call us now to experience the pasta catering service!

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