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Are you looking for the ideal place to meet, date, propose or celebrate your wedding anniversary? The restaurant will be a special place to hold a solemn and meaningful event. Because only this place gives us a special and very romantic feeling. So which romantic restaurant in Saigon can create the best dating moment? Let's take a look at the top romantic restaurants in Saigon with Pasta Fresca. 

1. Criteria to evaluate romantic restaurants in Saigon

1.1 Romantic restaurant in Saigon with poetic setting

The first thing you need to consider when choosing a date is the space of the restaurant. The place must create a dreamy feeling, make you feel romantic. The surrounding space should have cozy, poetic or lyrical colors. In addition, couples who share feelings for each other need privacy. Under the flickering candlelight, the elegant, fanciful scene evokes sweet emotions. 

1.2 Quality of delicious and attractive dishes

Food will wake up taste and create a sense of mental well-being. Contribute to make your date more interesting. The dishes are prepared and presented by the most professional chefs. It offers a great experience in choosing a restaurant as a date place. Moreover, every delicious meal cannot be without wine/wine. This drink is very uplifting for a romantic date. Sip some wine and enjoy delicious food, this is the perfect symphony for a date. 

1.3 Professional service of 5-star standard 

What a good restaurant needs to have is service. When diners come and experience, the focus is on the dedicated, attentive and professional service factor of the staff. The restaurant must always be ready to provide dedicated support and comprehensive advice on the menu if guests need assistance. Food to your taste. Or a special surprise for the other half, will contribute to the success of the date.  

1.4 Price level

The price is suitable for all customers and the quality of the food. Sometimes you will worry about the price to have a meal at romantic restaurants in Saigon. Please don't worry because you can fully consult the menu and prices in advance and make a decision to book a table. 

2. Top 9 romantic restaurants in Saigon 

2.1 Pasta Fresca Italian Restaurant – Romantic Restaurant In Saigon

One of the most romantic places for a date on Valentine's Day is the Pasta Fresca restaurant.

Established in 2016. Pasta Fresca Saigon has a very cozy atmosphere. Especially for romantic dinners, accompanied by a very extensive menu. Typical Italian dishes prepared by experienced chefs. Make sure the ingredients are fresh and very hygienic. This is a great restaurant to choose from to make your date night even more impressive.

Pasta Fresca Italian Restaurant - Romantic Restaurant In Saigon
Pasta Fresca Italian Restaurant – Romantic Restaurant In Saigon

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2.2 La Forchetta Restaurant – 24 Hung Gia, Tan Phong

 La Forchetta is one of the famous Italian restaurants in Saigon. This place attracts a lot of foreign tourists, especially Italians who want to find a taste of their homeland in another country. The restaurant specializes in serving traditional Italian dishes such as veal, pizza, pasta… All are prepared under the delicate hands of Italian artisans.

2.3 Portofino Italian Restaurant – 15 Dong Du, District 1

If you are a lover of Italian cuisine in Saigon, few people do not know Portofino Italian Restaurant. Modern restaurant space with experienced Italian chefs. Giving diners a different feeling about the familiar Italian space in the heart of Saigon. From sweet glass of wine to unforgettable delicacies. Let yourself be mesmerized by visiting one of these romantic restaurants in Saigon. 

Restaurant with experienced Italian chefs
Restaurant with experienced Italian chefs

2.4 Ciao Bella Restaurant – 11 Dong Du, District 1 – romantic restaurant space in Saigon

One fine day, suddenly craved spaghetti and wanted to enjoy this dish together. Come to Ciao Bella Italian restaurant and enjoy this delicious taste. You will feel like you are enjoying this world-famous dish right in romantic Italy. Ciao Bella has a very beautiful and luxurious space and is also the top romantic restaurant in Saigon. With a quick service style, taking the customer first. Will definitely make both of you satisfied. 

If you want to enjoy authentic Italian food, come here - romantic restaurant in Saigon
If you want to enjoy authentic Italian food, come here – romantic restaurant in Saigon

2.5 Long Times Square Restaurant – 22, 36 Nguyen Hue, District 1

The standout dish here is the traditional Italian dish- pizza. The restaurant's pizzerias all come from a three-generation family that specializes in pizza making. And he is always full of passion when creating the best cakes to spread the Italian culture to the world.

2.6 Pendolasco Restaurant – 87 Nguyen Hue, District 1

When visiting Pendolasco you will probably be most impressed with the wine collection here. The collection is the perfect amalgamation of premium Italian wines and world-famous wines. The manager here will make you a good glass of wine. So don't worry about not choosing the right wine.

Delicious food with a glass of wine will be a great experience
Delicious food with a glass of wine will be a great experience

2.7 Jaspas Restaurant – 33 Dong Khoi, District 1

Jaspas is always the most famous Italian restaurant chain in Vietnam. Along with delicious Italian food and spicy wine glasses, this restaurant attracts many young families. Because while the family sits and chats, the kids can sit and draw or color with wax.

2.8 LoveEat Restaurant – 29 Hai Trieu, District 1

LoveEat is the first Italian restaurant system specializing in serving extremely attractive Italian pastries. The restaurant is the perfect combination between a relaxing coffee and dining space. The strength of the restaurant lies in the design inspired by the owner of the restaurant. The talented Italian designer Marco Col, who brought all the Italian culture to Vietnam. And he also brought the romance of the Italians into his romantic restaurant space in Saigon. 

2.9 Basilico Restaurant – Intercontinental Asiana, Hai Ba Trung, District 1

High-class, luxurious and friendly are the feelings of diners when entering this Italian restaurant. Located on a familiar street corner in the heart of Saigon. This restaurant offers delicious Italian food and melodious music. If you want to enjoy Italian food at a 5-star restaurant, this is a good choice for you. 

Pasta, a typical Italian dish, is famous all over the world.
Pasta, a typical Italian dish, is famous all over the world.

Following the list of top romantic restaurants in Saigon. You must have chosen your favorite restaurant. However, if you have a hard time choosing which restaurant from the list above. Come to Pasta Fresca and enjoy the super romantic atmosphere and excellent food. Definitely Pasta Fresca will not disappoint you. 

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