Valentine's Day What Day? What Valentine's Days Are There?


Valentine's Day is one of the issues that many people care about; especially couples in love. Knowing what day and month is Valentine's Day will help you give your lover meaningful gifts on the right occasions; and especially not being angry with your lover. Not only February 14, but Valentine also has many other days. Did you know this information? Find out more in the following article!

What is Valentine's day?

Valentine is also known as Valentine's Day or Valentine's Day. This holiday is named after Saint Valentine. This is one of the saints used to honor the love of couples and the affection between lovers. On Valentine's Day, couples will often send each other the warmest wishes and words of love. Besides, there are roses, chocolates and other special meaningful gifts such as wristwatches, cakes, etc.

What day is Valentine's Day?
Valentine's Day is an indispensable spiritual food when in love

What is the exact date of Valentine's Day?

What day is Valentine's Day? This is probably a rather redundant question for everyone when today everyone knows that Valentine's day is. However, to be able to explain everything about Valentine's Day information, not everyone knows. The article will share with you the Valentine's Day most used by couples in the world.

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Red Valentine's Day (February 14)

Red Valentine is one of the most traditional and popular Valentine's Day. This holiday is applied all over the world and including Vietnam. It is February 14 every year. The history of Red Valentine's Day is traced back to the Roman Empire. At that time, taste Emperor Claudius II dictator and wants to prevent couples from falling in love.

Extremely touched by the love and affection between the couples. Bishop Valentine sacrificed his life to bring couples together. And in memory of Saint Valentine, people celebrate February 14 every year as the day of love. Red Valentine is one of the occasions for lovers to express their feelings to the other half. And on this day, people will often give each other roses, chocolates, cards filled with words of love, ...

What month is Valentine's Day?
What day is Valentine's Day - many people understand this

White Valentine's Day (March 14)

Love is seen as a boundless destination. For those who are in love, it seems that Red Valentine's Day is not enough. Therefore, in Japan, another Valentine's Day was born. After that, they were quickly received by many young people all over the country. It is White Valentine's Day on March 14.

Currently, white Valentine's Day is also applied by young Vietnamese. White Valentine is one of the opportunities for lovers to spend more time together. This is also one of the opportunities for male friends to reciprocate to female friends. Meaningful gifts that you can give your loved one are white chocolate, dark chocolate, and impressive jewelry.

what day is valentine's day?
What day is Valentine's Day? Each type of Valentine will have a different date

Black Valentine's Day (April 14)

Black Valentine is also known as Black Valentine or Black Day. This is a holiday that many young people, especially young people in Korea celebrate love. Unlike the name Black Valentine; Black Valentine's Day is the day for those of you who can't find your other half; or those who worship celibacy get together and make exciting parties.

If you are still wondering what Black Valentine is, this is a day to fight loneliness. On this April 14 holiday, young people will often wear black clothes, eat traditional Korean black soy sauce noodles, Jachang.

What is Valentine's Day?
After that, they gave each other sweet chocolate bars and enjoyed together on the spot

Valentine's Day 2023 will fall on a Tuesday according to the solar calendar; on January 24 according to the lunar calendar. This is also the time when we are welcoming the new year of the Lunar New Year. Therefore, couples can have fun together and can fully enjoy the springtime atmosphere.


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