Take to heart the following 4 things to build a Tea Break Menu


Have you ever heard of “Tea break party”? If not, it doesn't matter because this is a very new term nowadays. Tea break is known as a form of light party. A place where people can comfortably eat and chat with each other. Just talking about it is already very interesting, so what are you waiting for without finding out what Tea break is? Tea break menu includes what? What is the price of Tea break cake? 

What is tea break?

What is tea break? Party form is quite new in Vietnam
What is tea break? Party form is quite new in Vietnam

Tea break is also known as tea party, sweet party or light party. Tea break is held a lot at the start or break time of events. In addition, between meetings, many companies also hold Tea break parties. So what is the effect of Tea break party? As the name itself suggests, a tea party helps people have a break and enjoy food after stressful and tiring hours. Besides, the tea party also helps people to talk and get to know each other better.

The time for tea break is not too much. Usually 20-40 minutes. Although it took place not too long, the tea party always made people fall in love with its lightness and sophistication. Therefore, a tea party is very suitable for organizing conferences, seminars, important events, etc. Sweet parties can let customers, partners or employees feel the thoughtfulness and care of the menu. organizer. Tea break cake price is also very suitable for many events. 

What does the Tea break party menu include?

What does the Tea break menu include that attracts so many people?
What does the Tea break menu include that attracts so many people?

A successful tea party depends a lot on the menu. Tea break menu in Vietnam is divided into 5 main groups as follows:

  1. Bread: Fresh bread is cut into pieces and served with cheese, ham, pate, sausage, egg, etc.
  2. Pastries: Cakes such as sponge cake, cream puff, tart, dumpling, pateso, etc.
  3. Fruits: Delicious fresh fruits such as watermelon, mango, peach, grape, apple, kiwi, etc.
  4. Cookies, candies: Cookies such as pretzels, chocolate chip cookies, lollipops, etc.
  5. Drinks: Tea, coffee, juice, fruit juice, yogurt, mineral water, soft drinks, smoothies, etc.

However, depending on the purpose, participants, time, etc. Tea break menu will be adjusted to better suit the event. Therefore, the price of Tea break cake also changed more or less. 

Take to heart 4 things you need to know to build an impressive Tea break menu in Vietnam

The tea party menu in Vietnam is very diverse and rich

The Tea Break menu still retains its characteristics but has changed a bit when coming to Vietnam
The Tea Break menu still retains its characteristics but has changed a bit when coming to Vietnam

How did the tea party in Vietnam "join the customary" like? The basic Tea break menu still retains the characteristics of the starting place The West such as using tea with macarons, mousse, cheesecake, red velvet, muffin... But coming to Vietnam, the tea party suddenly becomes more diverse by fruits such as watermelon, mango, plum, guava, .. Cakes such as salted egg sponge cake, jaggery beef cake, Western pig skin cake, and wife cake were suddenly added to the menu. Tea parties in Vietnam therefore also become closer and more appetizing to Vietnamese people.

Tea party is not for eating

Tea party helps provide energy during break time for guests
The cake table for the morning or afternoon tea break will help provide energy during the break for guests

Cake for Tea break morning or noon, afternoon, evening is still with the purpose of being a snack at break time. Therefore, the tea party only reasonably replenishes energy for everyone at the event. Therefore, the menu for the cake party for Tea break in the morning should avoid foods with a lot of flour and grease. Do not use complex water or savory dishes. Instead, favor light pastries and fruit. If you organize a party with the purpose of letting guests have the main meal, you should consider using this type of party Finger food party.

Tea break menu still has to "flatten" the eyes

Tea parties always emphasize comfort and relaxation, so such parties require a very high level of decoration. Reasonable and harmonious layout is always the top priority. Besides, use many eye-catching colors to "flatten" the eyes of party users as much as possible. 

The tea party is not only delicious but also "delicious" to the eyes to please diners
The tea party is not only delicious but also must be "delicious" to please diners

One thing to keep in mind is that it is especially important to pre-determine the concept for the party. The layout should match the theme of the event and match the preferences and styles of the guests.

Notes when organizing a Tea break party

  • It is recommended to arrange the area for Tea break in cool spaces with a nice view to enjoy the landscape. The dining table should be tastefully decorated and the dishes should be arranged neatly and reasonably. Add vases or table lamps to create a sense of harmony and avoid boredom.
  • Tea party should be accompanied by sound to create the most comfortable feeling. You should choose music with gentle, deep melodies to create a feeling of relaxation for guests. 
  • Usually the party is served with paper plates and small plastic spoons to limit the use of porcelain or glass. Because this will cause a heavy feeling for users when they want to move to interact with guests. However, at some luxury parties; Tea break is also served with glass or stainless steel utensils.
  • It is essential to put the corresponding dish nameplate before or next to each dish. To be able to provide detailed information to customers. This also gives the impression of professionalism and makes it easy for customers to choose their dishes.


What is tea break? Tea break is a relatively new form of party in Vietnam. Hope the above article has helped you get the most overview of this form of party. Tea break cake prices vary from place to place but are very suitable for every event. 

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