Catering Service – What Do You Know About This Type of Service?


Catering is one of the services that take place regularly at restaurants and hotels. However, many people still do not know about it. Today Pasta Fresca Saigon will help you better understand what Catering service is? What are the benefits of Catering services to both customers and hotels? Let's learn about this mobile party booking service through the article below.

1. What is Catering service?

Catering is simply understood as a food service, served individually according to the needs of a certain group of customers. The catering concept first appeared in large domestic restaurants; then flourished and became a popular service as it is today. Catering service is not only serving food but sometimes also decorating; consulting menus, setting up tables or staging sound and lighting, .…

Catering Service, also known as mobile party booking service
Catering Service, also known as mobile party booking service

To meet many different requirements as well as different customer groups; The concept of catering service is gradually expanded into the form of mobile party booking at home.

2. The development of catering services in Vietnam

Currently, catering service is very popular in Vietnam. Many companies, organizations and individuals have preferred and searched for hotels and restaurants to book this service.

Currently, this type of service is extremely developed and brings great revenue for organizations. The place chosen to hold a mobile party is usually at a hotel, restaurant or at the customer's company/home. Or it can also be in a beautiful place close to nature such as at the beach, in resorts - resorts, ....

This type of service is growing day by day
This type of service is growing day by day

Whether it's a wedding party, team building program or year-end party, ..., all can use the catering service.

3. What are the popular types of catering services?

Currently, the most popular catering services provided by hotels and restaurants are two types: inside catering (directly arranged at the hotel or restaurant) and outside catering (organized outside the hotel). , restaurant).

3.1 Inside Catering service

This is a type of party held in the premises of a restaurant or hotel at the request of the customer. The banquet space is usually separated from the usual serving areas of the restaurant. This is to bring privacy to the guests in particular and the party in general.

You can book an indoor party
You can book an indoor party

3.2 Outside catering service

This is a type of mobile party booking outside the restaurant premises - customers; and it is held at the location required by the client. This type is a bit more complicated and stressful; for preparing and transporting equipment, supplies, food, personnel, etc.; Go to the venue and clean up after the party. In addition, the outdoor organization will sometimes be affected by many objective factors such as weather, location, ....

Currently, there are many companies that provide outside catering service with a variety of costs for customers to choose from. For restaurants – 4-5 star hotels still provide; if the customer has a request with a relatively high fee; But the quality of food and service is guaranteed.

4. Criteria to evaluate successful catering service

With the strong development of catering services in the market; It is not difficult for individual customers and companies to book an event. But to evaluate the success of the service must be based on what criteria exactly? Let's find out with Pasta Fresca Saigon!

4.1 Time criteria

Time criteria play an important role in the implementation process. Because ongoing events always require high time accuracy.

There are many criteria to evaluate the success of the party - eye-catching and delicious decoration is one of them
There are many criteria to evaluate the success of the party – eye-catching and delicious decoration is one of them

No matter how delicious and beautiful the party table is, the late ending will be a huge minus point in the eyes of the guests as well as the organizers. Therefore, when looking for catering service, you must choose a reputable and punctual supplier.

4.2 Meal menu

First, the menu should have everything from starters and main courses to side dishes, desserts and drinks like any other party. The food is well prepared, beautiful and delicious. According to the concept of the party, the theme of the dish as well as the customer's request; The list of dishes, the order of dishes, ... will be arranged in the most reasonable way.

A reasonable dining menu must suit the taste of the guest; suitable with the characteristics of the event (easy to eat, easy to store, ...) and above all, there must be a harmonious combination between food and drink.

4.3 Catering service organization skills

Organizational skills are a must for catering service providers; Because of the nature of the party, it is flexible in many different spaces and locations, depending on the requirements of each customer.

The skill of organizing and quantifying dishes suitable for the party is important for catering service providers to note.
The skill of organizing and quantifying dishes suitable for the party is important for catering service providers to note.

A mobile party booking service provider with high organizational skills and professionalism; will bring to customers a beautiful, sparkling and convenient party space; Although the organizational position has many disadvantages (too narrow, too cramped, many external influences, ...)

4.4 Quantification of food

Quantifying the food when organizing a catering service is an important factor in evaluating the success of the service. Depending on the number and characteristics of guests; that the organizer needs to set up a suitable menu, not too much, not short of food.

For example, for caterers for events mainly female customers; then the quantity of food will be less than that of male guests; Besides, snacks such as fruit, jelly, panna cotta will be more popular than filling dishes. Catering service providers need to advise and give customers a reasonable amount of food.

5. What benefits does Catering service bring to the organization?

Promoting images, attracting customers: Catering service is a good opportunity for restaurants - hotels to directly promote their service quality to many different customers (especially with Outside Catering). ; and thereby have the opportunity to attract more customers.

Bringing high profits: Catering service is also one of the sources of good revenue for restaurants and hotels. Because customers are increasingly "spending" to have memorable parties according to their wishes.

6. Ending

Through today's article, hope you have a better understanding of what catering service is, and the common types of this service. This type of service is becoming more and more popular due to its convenience. And if you are looking for a restaurant that provides quality catering services; Don't hesitate to call us now to experience pasta catering service Please!

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