What is Catering Service Brochure? Catering Overview


Catering is one of the services frequently provided at restaurants-hotels (NHKS), but many people already know the exact definition of this service. Today, PASTA FRESCA SAIGON will help you have an overview of Catering service menu, catering service brochure,…. As well as help you answer what Catering Service is, including what types of Catering!

Get an overview of Catering Service

Catering is a form of providing all kinds of party services (wedding parties, seminars, events, team building…) on the spot at the request of restaurant and hotel customers. In addition to providing food, catering services are often responsible for decoration, menu production, sound and light staging, etc. at the request of guests.


Catering Service classification today like?

Currently, NHKS generally has two types of catering services including: Inside and Outside, always ensuring the elements of food quality and service. 

Inside Catering

This is the type of party held at the NHKS area, in a separate space, separate from the usual commercial areas (restaurants, bars). Normally, the on-site food service will be handled by the banquet department during the preparation phase. Meal services are usually only available at high-end banks or 4, 5 star hotels and resorts. Some typical types of parties of this type are NHKS garden parties, beach resort weddings…


Outside Catering

Catering service package will provide meals in the outdoor space at the request of customers. This type is more complicated and stressful due to having to prepare and transport equipment, supplies, food, staff, etc. to the venue and clean up after the party. 


In addition, the external organization is sometimes affected by many objective factors such as weather, location. Currently, there are many food service companies that specialize in takeout services and have many different prices for customers to choose from. For 4-5 star hotels, if guests have a need, they still provide Outside Catering, the cost is relatively high, but the quality of the food and service is guaranteed.


What are the advantages of investing in "attractive" Catering service brochure? 

– Enhance image and attract customers: This is one of the great opportunities for NHKS to directly promote its service quality to many different customers. Especially in the food delivery segment, which has the ability to attract more customers. 


– High profit: Food service is also one of NHKS's good sources of income, which can take advantage of existing resources such as personnel, equipment, etc., and customers increasingly "consume" to earn high profits. Organize an unforgettable party according to your wishes.


Notes when designing a catering service brochure

Highlight the message on the first cover

The cover of the catering service brochure, like the headline of the advertisement, will help attract the audience. So you must include the most important things on this page: the motto, the slogan, the best of NHKS, etc.   

Promote flyers on promotional occasions

Develop a specific marketing plan to introduce more company brochures in the advertising campaign. 

Choose an image that conveys the necessary meaning 

Company image, product focus… speak louder than words. 

Always add captions to images

After the cover, subtitles are what customers read the most. 

Clear layout, highlighting important ideas

Look at the strengths, are there any promotional activities, where is the consulting point, the head office, the branch company... If your NHKS is a large enterprise, has a long development history, many awards, many customers rows should not display more than one page. 

Catering Service Menu – Use photos instead of drawings

For trending items, photos can conjure up a real, vibrant image. Japan is about food, you will easily impress and create your own style when there are colorful food images on the menu, right?

Make your brochures worth keeping

 The longer a customer retains the catering service menu, the greater its impact. Thick paper and beautiful design, filled with good information will help your brochure be referenced by customers. They even use it for documentation.



Hopefully the information in this article will help you understand more about catering services for companies and businesses. Besides, Pasta Fresca SaiGon always operates with the following criteria: Professional - Fast - Cheap. There is always a 24/7 consulting team to ensure a quick response to the requirements set forth. And if you are looking for or need advice on this service; Please contact Pasta Fresca SaiGon today to choose the most suitable catering service package for you.

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