What is Catering Service Cost? Learn About Catering


What is Catering Service Cost? You can understand that talking about Food Service Charges. Currently, the list of catering service costs will include what? And specifically what is Catering Service? Please take the time to learn through the content of the following article!

Demand for catering service cost 2023

If like the day before, every time something happened. You will always have headaches about issues like:

  • Having to plan an event?
  • Should the party be held indoors or outdoors?
  • When will the event start and end?
  • Will the food at the event be served individually, canned/pre-made, or family style?
  • What kind of dishes will your event feature?
  • How will alcohol be provided?



For that reason, Catering Service Cost helps you to reduce difficulties when an event takes place. You only need to pay for this service, the rest will have a team of professionally trained staff to support you and the attentive guests from A - Z.

Does the cost of catering services vary by event model?

The short answer is: yes. Once you have determined how the event will be organized, it will help support businesses to provide better catering service quotes. Please take a look at some of the prices that are fluctuating on the market today:

Wedding catering

This is the most popular and most expensive catering service event. The cost of traditional meals is about 70-80 per person. Restaurants - Hotels will give you the freedom to choose food and drink menus according to your needs. Most of the time, if you book many tables or have a large number of guests, you will receive more incentives. Oscillations for each table of 10 people at 5-15 million.


Corporate event catering varies depending on the theme

Is it official, or is it casual? If you're planning your annual corporate party, hosting a light and fun event can save you money. For 100 employees, you're looking at spending somewhere between $2,000 and $4,000.

Private events like birthdays and anniversaries are usually smaller matters. For less than 50 guests, it may not be worth the average minimum spend many companies require. However, you can save money with food truck rentals that are a fraction of the cost of traditional catering.


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