Outside BBQ Catering – Trends in Ordering BBQ at Home


Your boss asks you to find a place for company parties but still can't find a suitable place? Or your family has the opportunity to gather together but do not want to spend time cooking? So why not take a look at the hottest trend of home BBQ right now – outside BBQ catering? Let's find out about this service right away!

What is outside BBQ catering?

So what is outside BB catering? This is a term quite familiar to Westerners. In general, you can understand roughly "catering" ie the services that provide parties. However, the venue will depend on the requested address from the customer. So outside BBQ catering, buffet outside catering or outside party cartering means the service of providing barbecue, outdoor buffet according to your request.

Normally, the types of outside party marketing will have some of the following characteristics:

  • The number of participants is usually 20 or more people.
  • Plan, detailed timeline in the most professional way for customers.
  • Includes design stitches and space decorations.
  • Accompanied by music and other necessary equipment.
What is outside BBQ catering?
Outside BBQ catering – the current trend of special home BBQ parties.

What will the outside BBQ catering menu include?

Besides the quality of service, the standard menu of outside BBQ catering is also one of the things that make businesses and customers excited.

Main course outside BBQ catering

For outside BBQ catering, of course the main courses will revolve around grilled meats. You can ask the staff to grill during the party or let the diners cook the delicious meat by themselves. Both ways will make the outdoor atmosphere more bustling and cozy than ever. While talking and exchanging but still experiencing the feeling of barbecue on the oven, party participants will be hard to forget.

In addition, the main dishes will need side dishes such as: burger, salad, grilled vegetables, ... This will help individuals with vegetarian needs have more choices in the party. In addition, it also reduces the feeling of nausea when eating.

Main course outside BBQ catering
The meat dish will be grilled by the chefs or diners themselves at the party.

Side dishes

At a minimum, a menu of an outside catering buffet must include 3 different dishes. This will ensure a variety of dishes for diners and increase the professionalism of the service. If the main dishes of outside party catering has revolved around grilled dishes, the side dish menu is usually choices of water dishes such as soup or rice, etc.


Quantity for the dessert portion of the menu outside BBQ catering are from 2 or more. Desserts must not only ensure the taste but also the appearance. So it is not surprising that each ingredient in the party menu according to the home BBQ service makes guests stand still and admire the quality.

Or you can refer more specifically at Finger Food Buffet Catering And Delicious Menu Suggestions

Desserts are invested in both taste and appearance.


Drinks at the home BBQ service will be served at the counter. Therefore, the quality of drinks will be more guaranteed. Some drinks you can refer to such as cocktails, mojito, wine, etc. Especially, all will be processed on the spot with professional bartenders. Ensure diners will be satisfied with the performance styles from the bartender.

In addition to the method of serving water at the bar with the bartender, the drinking water tower is also an option when organizing outside BBQ catering. Water towers will often use sweet red wines. Both ensure ease of drinking, and show the elegance of the party. This will definitely be the highlight of the whole space. 

Drinks served at pants
All drinks will be prepared at the bar by the bartender.

Outside BBQ catering will be suitable for which objects and events?

So, what audience and events will outside BBQ catering be suitable for?

Corporate business

Most customers when ordering services outside party catering comes from businesses and companies. Especially in business cooperation occasions. The use of this service will not only make the partner particularly impressed with the company, but also will improve the image quality in the eyes of colleagues because of the thoroughness and professionalism that the party brings. 

Family reunion

For special family gatherings, you need a place that is cozy but the quality is equal to or even better than a restaurant. buffet outside catering is the first choice for you. You can order a BBQ party at home or choose a picnic spot. These would be especially relevant for events like:

  • Quit the cradle full of months, full of age.
  • Gender reveal.
  • Birthday.
  • Wedding anniversary.
Outside BBQ catering will be suitable for which objects and events?
Outside BBQ catering will be suitable for which objects and events?


You may not know, nowadays weddings use services outside bbq catering is gradually becoming a trend among young people. Usually, the service will be suitable for weddings:

  • Number of useful guests. From 100 people poured back.
  • Prioritize the warmth and gathering among relatives.
  • High quality decoration, food.
  • Be proactive in finding places with the scene you need.

Where to provide outside BBQ catering

Pasta Fresca Saigon – The first Italian restaurant in Saigon. We are confident to be the leading outsite BBQ catering service provider in the region. With the quintessence of Western cuisine and a team of seasoned chefs, Pasta Fresca Saigon is committed to bringing sophistication to each dish as well as the way of organizing events and decorating the space in the restaurant. catering service. Along with extremely competitive costs, we certainly won't let you down!


Above is some information about outside BBQ catering – the hottest trend of ordering BBQ at home today. Hopefully, the above sharing will help you diversify your choices when looking for a venue for special events. 

If you have a need to order outside party catering, contact us now for a free detailed consultation and enjoy the offers with 1-0-2 from the side. Pasta Fresca Saigon.

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