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A cocktail party is a form of party that brings a unique "enjoyment" experience, with a sophisticated style and signature menu. Although it is growing strongly, there are still many people who are unclear about the concept and specific characteristics of cocktail parties. A cocktail party is not simply an everyday party or event, but it creates a special space where guests can enjoy unique and sophisticated drinks. So what is a cocktail party? Does organizing a cocktail party require prayer during the preparation and cooking stages? What does the cocktail party menu include? Let's explore with PASTA FRESCA SAIGON through the following article!

What is a cocktail party table? Where is the best cocktail party cooking, menu planning and catering service company today?
Serving at cocktail parties is often done in the form of "pass around".

What is a Cocktail Party?

What is the concept of a cocktail party?

A cocktail party is a form of buffet party, focusing mainly on serving cocktails - drinks made from alcohol, syrup, juice and soda. Usually held during events such as gala dinners, art exhibitions or launch events, cocktail parties usually last from 1 to 3 hours and are separate from the main event.

Characteristics of cocktail parties

Cocktail parties are often combined with a menu of canapes and finger foods, creating a luxurious space to entertain guests at exchange events, exhibitions and similar occasions. Diners attending the cocktail party can enjoy food, cocktails and participate in event activities throughout the party.

Serving at cocktail parties is often done in the form of “pass around“, in which waiters carry trays containing food and cocktails through the party areas to invite guests. This makes canapes and finger foods suitable choices at cocktail parties, as they are compact and easily accessible.

Some cocktail party venues also have mobile bars, where bartenders mix and serve cocktails according to each customer's request.

What is the cocktail table menu and how to cook it with European standards?
Cocktail parties are often combined with a menu of canapes and finger foods, creating a luxurious space to entertain guests at exchange events, exhibitions and similar occasions.

What is the cocktail party menu and how to cook it with European standards?

Spanish standard Sangria cocktail party

Sangria, a delicious and refreshing cocktail, originates from Spain and Portugal. With its vibrant red color and great flavor, sangria is often enjoyed on hot summer days in Europe. To create harmony, you can combine sangria with delicious canapes such as bacon, grilled meat and other dishes.

Reference menu:

Finger food, canape Sweet food Fruit Drinks
– Bacon sandwich

– Tuna sandwich

– Shrimp and vegetable tart

- Garlic butter toast

– Cucumber shaking beef

– Apple Danish

– Shrimp and vegetable tart

– Salted egg orchid

- Flan

– Coconut jelly

- American apple

- Strawberry

- Guava

- Papaya

– Sangria cocktails

- Clean water

- Juice

Mexican Margarita cocktail party

Margarita Classic with cool lemon flavor and a bit of tequila, it's a great choice for cocktail parties. Combining margaritas with canapes filled with cheese, dairy and fresh ingredients will create a fun and engaging experience for guests.

Reference menu:

Finger food, canape Sweet food Fruit Drinks
– Canape jambon

- Russian salad

– Fresh spring rolls rolled with shrimp and meat

– Canape chicken liver pate

– Shiitake mushrooms with meat cream sauce

– Japanese red crab egg bread.

– Salty tart

– Mini floss bread

– Passion fruit mousse

- Flan

– Four seasons jelly

– Fine grapes

– Dragon fruit

– Gala apple

- Guava

- Melon…

– Margarita cocktail

- Clean water

- Juice

Mojito cocktail party - Cuba

Mojito, a cocktail from Cuba, has many different variations such as mango mojito, strawberry mojito and blueberry mojito. The blend of cool flavors and fresh ingredients in a mojito will pair well with a variety of canapes at your cocktail party.

With its vibrant red color and great flavor, sangria is often enjoyed on hot summer days in Europe.

Reference menu:

Canape/finger food Sweet food Fruit Drinks
– Cheese canape

– Tuna sushi rolls

– Tuna sandwich

– Fried spring rolls with shrimp rolls

– Vegetable salad

– Fresh mushroom canape

– Tempura seafood

– Tiramisu

– Opera Dark

– Apple Danish

- Fruit yogurt

– Coconut jelly/blue pea flower

- Flan

- Lotus seed

– Queen guava

– Sliced mango

- Fragrant

- Melon

– American grapes…

– Mojito cocktail

- Clean water

- Juice

Pimm's cocktail party

Pimm's is a signature cocktail that often appears at canape parties. The blend of gin, vermouth and cointreau in Pimm's creates a delicious and refreshing taste. Combining Pimm's with fresh fruits like orange, lemon and mint will make your cocktail party interesting and refreshing on hot days.

Reference menu:

Finger food, canape Sweet food Fruit Drinks
– Canape pate

– Shrimp sandwich

- Garlic bread

– Tuna sandwich

– Fresh mushrooms rolled with shrimp

– Tomato canape

– Asparagus salad

-Bacon mini sandwiches.

– Lamington

– Matcha ice cream rolled orchids

– Red velvet

– Shrimp and vegetable tart

- Flan

- Yogurt

– New Zealand apples

- Strawberry

– Fine grapes

– Dragon fruit

- Melon

- Papaya

- Green apple

– Pimm's Cocktails

- Clean water

- Juice

How to cook and organize a cocktail party table helps save time and money

Step 1: Determine the time and location of the event

Time and location are two important factors that need to be determined in advance to continue planning the cocktail party. Cocktail parties are often held at restaurants, outdoor spaces such as gardens, large swimming pools, and sometimes at offices or companies. The size of guests will help determine the appropriate space. The event is usually held in the evening or on weekends or holidays for the convenience of guests.

Step 2: Come up with ideas for the party concept and decoration style

Unique ideas and concepts will highlight your cocktail party. Based on information about time, location and guests, you can create ideas for the party. This idea will determine the decoration, publications such as invitations, gifts, entrance tickets, and even the dress code for guests.

Step 3: Choose representative cocktails

Survey guests' preferences to choose some representative cocktails for the party. Ensure there is diversity in origin and quantity of drinks. There needs to be a knowledgeable bartender to meet the needs of guests.

Step 4: Create a menu of accompanying dishes

Food accompanying the party is usually cold and easy to eat dishes such as bacon, spring rolls, sausages, spring rolls, cheese... They should be presented compactly and beautifully decorated for easy enjoyment. Typical canapés such as tuna tartar, shrimp sandwich, salty tart, hamburger, fried chicken wings can also be referred to.

Step 5: Set up and decorate the enjoyment area

The cocktail party area needs to have small tables to serve cocktails and food. Tables should be placed evenly but not too close together to facilitate movement and avoid collisions. Setup of the enjoyment area must match the idea and concept of the party. Present food and drinks on the table appropriately and tastefully. Along with that, decorate the banquet table with chairs, tablecloths, plates, Western cups, colored or artistic lamps, and fresh flower baskets to create a luxurious and romantic space.

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