Full Catering Service And The Most Perfect Service


Full Catering Service and perfection are considered by many restaurants and hotels as the most specialized service today. Not only includes catering, but Catering will also include the organization and delicate decoration. In the article below, let's find out with Pasta Fresca why this service is so popular!

What is Full Catering Service?

Full Catering Serving is also known as a form of specializing in providing party services to guests, namely restaurants and hotels. Because it is a full service service, Catering Service will be very diversity in post-production and thoughtfulness is something that customers will see clearly when using this service. Customers will feel the obvious convenience when there is no need to hire other small services at the same time.

The concept of Full Catering Service
The concept of Full Catering Service

Benefits Full Catering Service brings to customers

Full Catering Service is always appreciated by customers because of its good service quality, accompanied by being ranked first in the Top of the best services for hotels and restaurants, perhaps because of that peace of mind and satisfaction. will be two words often seen from customers when using the service.

Catering service will be completely responsible for the entire post-production preparation, which is why the cost will be very high. However, this will help the restaurant receive a significant source of profit.

The most complete values from Catering Service
The most complete values from Catering Service

In many large parties, with a large number of guests, Catering services always receive good feedback and reputation of the customers. restaurant will also be known for it. With good Catering service, the guests participating at the party will directly become potential customers of the restaurant.

Types of Full Catering Service

To meet the diverse requirements of customers, Full Catering Service has developed into two service forms: Inside Catering and Outside Catering

Inside Catering Service

Inside Catering Service is a service that has received many good reviews at restaurants and hotels. Inside Catering service is a type of service in the restaurant's interior space, with its own space completely separate from other entertainment and dining areas.  

Inside Catering Service
Inside Catering Service

Inside Catering will usually be done inside high-class restaurants and hotels and the types of parties that often apply this service model will be: Weddings and parties.

Outside Catering Service

Outside Catering Service is a type of service that specializes in serving the outside space, most of which will be served at the places that customers request. This is the type that is very famous in Ho Chi Minh City. Just like Inside Catering, when the stages such as preparation, transportation of equipment, lighting, sound, decoration and food will also be done.

Service Outside Catering
Service Outside Catering

An objective factor for this type of event is unexpected weather and the required venue. However, if customers request to organize Outside Catering at high-end restaurants, it will be easier to deploy.

Steps to deploy Full Catering Service

To complete the Full Catering Service, it will be necessary to perform the following procedures:

Steps to implement Full Catering Service that restaurants and hotels should know
Steps to implement Full Catering Service that restaurants and hotels should know

Receive information and requests from customers

Customers will make requests, such as: Type of party, information about guests participating, as well as agree on some issues about the party, such as: Offers, time of the party, menu and service costs.

Come up with ideas and plan to prepare for the party

The service recipient or the service organizer will rely on the guest's requests to plan and present the idea for the guest to view and approve. In addition, customers can also come up with ideas in advance and provide reception with additional services to the party accordingly. Next, the organizers will plan and implement steps, as well as some measures to anticipate objective cases and agree on the time of the party. Finally, come up with the idea of the invitation, the background and the number of staff to serve the party.

Deploy the party

Full Catering Service will be held based on three milestones of the party.

Before the party:

Catering department will quickly proceed to prepare the equipment, sound, lighting, decoration and full food. Clean up the party place, arrange the service staff to each assigned area to support guests participating in the party. Event communication and program review ensure error-free.

In the party:

While the party goes on, the main event organizer will be in charge of running everything, responsible for making sure all activities go as planned. Staff have been assigned to assist and serve the invited guests. The provision of food, water, ... as well as hiring a photographer to save the beautiful moments for guests must also be guaranteed to be the best.

After the party:

After the party is over, carry out the cleaning of the area and clean up and dismantle the decorations, sound and light equipment. Handing over the original space to the relevant party in charge.


Through the above article, hopefully Pasta Fresca helped you better understand this type of Full Catering Service. If you find it useful, please share this article with other readers!

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