What is Catering Service Business? Details About Catering Service


If you are operating in the field of hotel and restaurant services, do you know what the definition of catering is? Does catering service business help bring any meaning to the business? And where is the address of the company that provides quality catering service? To answer all this information, find out this with PASTA FRESCA SAIGON now.

What is Catering?

Catering service business is a form of providing party services at the request of customers, especially hotel and restaurant units. Catering service business can be wedding parties, conferences, evening events, team building prom... Catering not only serves food, but sometimes also works as decoration, consulting on setting tables or staging. stage sound, light…

What types of Catering service providers will include?

Includes 2 forms: Inside catering and Outside catering.

Inside cateringIs a way to serve parties directly at the restaurant - hotel. This form requires the hotel-restaurant to have a service area separate from the daily business area.
Outside cateringCompared with on-site catering, this form of catering has more pressure and challenges as the catering service company has to prepare food, pack it and deliver it to the venue. serve, then clean up the party.

Ensuring to meet food quality standards and service quality is the top criterion for restaurants and hotels when providing Catering service business.

Providing catering service business should pay attention to what points?

Organizational skills: This is an extremely important factor when restaurants - hotels provide services catering service business, especially the executive skills of the manager. Each time a party is held, the manager must mobilize the necessary human resources, connect the work departments appropriately, cover all activities, plan and prepare plans to handle incidents. can happen, handle unexpected situations…

According to the organization plan and customer's request: the service provider must carefully check and test the party space (outdoor service space), advise the customer on the type of food service. most suitable, mobilize necessary human resources, assign specific tasks to each department… Banquet menu: for outside parties, must When creating menus, it must ensure the criteria of easy processing and easy handling. transfer.

Catering costs: In order to provide a full catering service, there will be many different fees incurred, so the service provider must cover and calculate it carefully to ensure that the price is not inflated too high.

What are the benefits of Catering service?

Here are some outstanding advantages of catering services that you may not know?

Promote brand image directly

Catering service business is likened to a form of direct promotion of the image and services of a restaurant or hotel to customers. For example, if you provide a meal for an outdoor event, when customers enjoy delicious food, are served wholeheartedly, they will surely learn more about the service provider and recommend it to their loved ones. , friend…

Maximize business profits

In addition to daily business operations at the restaurant, outdoor dining also brings huge profits to the hotel through all-inclusive services from A to Z. When organizing catering services, you consider?

Note some points after organizing catering service

Ensure flexible coordination

This is an important factor when a restaurant or hotel provides catering service. Especially the management ability of the manager. In order to organize a catering party, the manager must mobilize enough human resources, connect departments to coordinate smoothly, comprehensively supervise all activities, plan to handle possible incidents, handle handling unexpected situations… to make the event go smoothly and leave a good impression in the eyes of customers.

Responding to customer requirements

Catering service providers should consider guests' requests, ask for details and carefully consider the space of the party (whether inside catering or outside catering) to advise guests on the most suitable dish to serve, Estimate the number of necessary service staff, assign specific tasks to each department, etc. Ensure that everything happens according to the needs of the customer and in harmony with the organizational capacity of the unit. At the same time, when planning the menu, you need to make sure the preparation and delivery goes smoothly.

Reasonable catering costs

To provide a full catering business service, a lot of different costs must be incurred. Therefore, service providers must cover and calculate carefully to ensure a reasonable price. 

Where is the address of the company that provides quality catering service?

PASTA FRESCA SAIGON is one of the catering service companies according to the requirements of all customers. We are highly appreciated by many customers for the taste of our food as well as the quick and professional service of our staff. Besides, PASTA FRESCA SAIGON can fully meet the needs from savory dishes to sweet dishes and especially can handle menus from Asia to Europe professionally.

With the above information, you must have understood what the concept of catering service business is? Whether you are a senior manager or simply a waiter, you must have a basic understanding of the principles of catering in order to give your customers the perfect experience during their stay. stay at the hotel. 

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