Christmas Party At Home And Tips For More Preparation


Organize a Christmas party at home, organize a Christmas party at home, Christmas party menu,... It must be said that December brings the cold winter and the Christmas atmosphere into every corner of the city. Christmas party is an opportunity to gather and be with loved ones.

Considered a great ceremony reserved for family and close friends. Christmas is a time to be with loved ones. Let's gather and gather together. Have a peaceful and warm Christmas season. As well as looking forward to the upcoming new year.

Christmas is not just a time for people to eat, drink and have fun. It is also a time for members to bond more closely with each other. Organizing a comfortable Christmas at home is a choice that many people prefer.

Organize a cozy Christmas party at home with a standard menu

One issue to consider is menu options. Dishes must be adjusted to suit the tastes of the majority of party participants. And of course, you must also ensure that it is consistent with the content of the Christmas program. 

Dishes must be adjusted to suit the tastes of the majority of party participants
Dishes must be adjusted to suit the tastes of the majority of party participants

Some dishes for Christmas can be referenced

  • Traditional French cake: This is a cake with sacred meaning to pray for the peace and happiness of the people of this country.
  • Pumpkin cake is delicious and nutritious for your health.
  • Christmas candy canes come in two colors: red and white. To guide people to a happier and better life.
  • At Christmas time, the cinnamon egg cocktail is a must. Nutmeg or rum also become two indispensable dishes on the Christmas table. 
  • Besides cakes, savory dishes are also present this Christmas. Roasted turkey, steak, pumpkin soup, stir-fried vegetables... 
  • At the same time, there are essential drinks such as fruit juice, wine, etc. And we can't forget the fruit dessert, right? Peeled, simple, presented side by side to create a striking fruit plate alternating between eye-catching tones.

Decorate for a Christmas party at home

After planning the menu, prepare for Christmas. An important and indispensable part of a Christmas party is clothes, accessories and props.

Christmas party decoration space should prioritize choosing accessories with red, blue and white tones. To bring back the festive atmosphere of Christmas is helpful. And the experience of organizing a Christmas party at home that readers can refer to and apply is as follows:

+ Ceiling: hang bright 3D paper stars with snowflakes. Or balloons floating in the middle of the ceiling. Choose a balloon color that matches the colors of Christmas. Such as green, glitter white, dark red,...

+ Entrance gate: Laurel wreath combined with golden Christmas bells hanging on the door. This small accessory is guaranteed to create a dynamic Christmas "spirit". Not only in the space of the entrance gate area. But it also creates an attractive impression on attendees.

+ In the middle of the space of the Christmas party at home: A large pine tree is decorated in the middle of the space. Combine snowflakes, small bells, mini Santa Claus... Under the tree is a special gift box with white snowflakes on the tree. Decorate the garden and house with baubles, tinsel, pine cones... Anything closely related to Christmas is fine. 

Don't forget the use of red, green and white tones. In keeping with the Christmas spirit. The space will be more luxurious, eye-catching and attractive with the appearance of that warm yellow light. The light can be a string or a candle. It depends on the homeowner's level of romance.

Decorate the dining table when holding a Christmas party at home

The Christmas party table should be decorated with main colors such as blue, red and white. Use typical shapes and items of Christmas that you can refer to through decorative images in European countries. These include golden bells, stars, pine trees, and Santa Claus for decoration.

Placing candles on the dining table is also a good idea and adds to the cozy, romantic and meaningful atmosphere. Under the shimmering, magical candlelight, it promises to make the party even more interesting and unforgettable in the memories of you and those attending the party. However, if you use candles, be careful not to put them near flammable objects such as alcohol, curtains, etc. Flowers and champagne are also indispensable items on the dining table during a Christmas party at home.

Gifts – An unforgettable impression in the hearts of partygoers

Give each other meaningful gifts and wishes. It seems to have become a custom that everyone wants to do at Christmas time. Because, in the moment of Christmas is the time when everyone. So that you can look back at your work, studies, and connections with friends and partners. And especially the family over the past long year. Therefore, gifts exchanged by drawing games will often be held when organizing a Christmas party at home.

Organizing a Christmas party with PASTA FRESCA SAIGON promises to bring warm and meaningful times to your family's home. This is an opportunity for members to meet and chat intimately. In the living space, the children happily received gifts. Adults meet and talk in a beautifully decorated space.

No need to rent outside space, worry about design or have the headache of planning and preparing properly. When PASTA FRESCA SAIGON we are ready to prepare for all. Promises to bring your family a Christmas party filled with joy, happiness and unforgettable. Contact PASTA FRESCA SAIGON immediately for detailed advice and quotes.

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