Romantic Weekend Dating Ideas For Couples


When couples first start dating, couples often have a lot of mixed emotions such as shyness, excitement, and a little bit of inexplicable risk. However, as time passes and is unintentionally pressured by life, work and money, each relationship gradually becomes cold. Making couples somewhat easy… bored. Therefore, it is extremely important to keep the fire, nurture and cultivate happiness for each other on each date. Therefore, in this article, PASTA FRESCA SAIGON I will send you some weekend dating ideas that are as romantic and passionate as the first minute!

Notes Before Going On A Date

Take Care Of Your Appearance

Before planning a date, you should take care of your appearance to be beautiful and confident. Because the first impression is always the strongest impression. As we all know, in science light always travels faster than sound and in reality too. He will look at you before he wants to hear what you have to say.

Take Care Of Your Appearance
The first impression is always the strongest impression

Properly dressing from clothes to appearance in a date will show your respect for that person. Besides, it also shows them how important you are to this party. For men, dress politely and neatly. As for women, you can allow yourself to be a little more elegant and outstanding.

Body Scent

Your body scent says a lot about your personality and who you are. Scientists prove that humans, like animals, often rely on scent to identify "mates". Therefore, people also tend to look for a "different" scent of the person they like.

Body Scent
Your body scent says a lot about your personality and who you are

In addition, have you noticed that, when talking to someone, the scent will make you impressed and remember them for longer? And on a date too! You don't have to use expensive perfumes, but just the scent of shower gel, shampoo... and a little natural scent of the body also makes it hard for someone to forget.

Come up with a Clear Dating Idea

Having a clear date idea will save the two of you from having to ask each other where to go, what to do or even possibly argue. Since both of you are looking forward to a date full of romance and fulfillment, there's no need to forget about dating plans. Sometimes a date is as simple as going to the movies, eating and chatting with each other. But beyond those places, you should have more new ideas or create more places for a memorable date and many new memories.

Top Romantic Weekend Dating Ideas

Sparkling Candlelight Dinner

Never underestimate this dating idea! Even though dinner seems normal, it brings a lot of meaning and memories to your beautiful love story. Try putting on an apron and cooking a meal she loves. Let's turn cooking and kitchen space into a romantic date place for the two of you. Warm up love like delicious dishes that you make yourself. And don't forget to prepare glasses of wine, love songs for the two of you to blend together perfectly!

Sparkling Candlelight Dinner
Romantic dinner by candlelight

Make a Dating Idea with a Fun Weekend Camping Trip Together

Planning a date with a weekend camping trip is a very reasonable choice. Leave your laptop at home, turn off your phone, and get ready for a weekend spent in nature. This is exactly the time you need to warm up and explore more with nature and life. Stay away from inanimate technologies or the chaos of life. Turn your campsite into a private world just for the two of you. Feel free to do what you like with your other half. In particular, a campfire with a starry night sky will create a romantic space.

Make a Dating Idea with a Fun Weekend Camping Trip Together
Planning a date with a weekend camping trip is a very reasonable choice

Reviving Old Skills

One of the interesting dating ideas for couples is to visit the place where they first met or confessed or proposed. Try to relive those first days. Walking together, eating together or watching old movies will be great ideas for an emotional weekend date. Those memories will remind you why you started and give you the strength to build and stick together.

Traveling to Discover Things Around

Instead of having the idea of dating at fun and relaxing places, why not try impromptu to get in the car, fill up the gas tank and so on. Go anywhere you two want as long as you're together. Explore more and more new places, try unique foods that you've never tried before. Believe me, this will definitely be an experience as well as bring you two more interesting and memorable memories!

Top Romantic Weekend Dating Ideas
Travel and discover new things with that person

PASTA FRESCA SAIGON – Great Place For Weekend Dating Ideas

If you and your partner do not have time to implement the above dating ideas, why not come to PASTA FRESCA SAIGON for a romantic date night? PASTA FRESCA SAIGON is located in the area Thao DienDistrict 2 is quite quiet and has a large space. The restaurant is designed in an open space with extremely cool and fresh green trees. Although the design is mostly wood, PASTA FRESCA SAIGON still brings elegance and sophistication. If the couple wants to choose a cozy restaurant, shimmering and romantic, you cannot ignore PASTA FRESCA SAIGON.

PASTA FRESCA SAIGON - Great Place For Weekend Dating Ideas
PASTA FRESCA SAIGON – Great Place For Weekend Dating Ideas

In particular, the quality of food at PASTA FRESCA SAIGON deserves to be in the top of the best Eurasian restaurants in Saigon. Because when you come here, you can't miss signature dishes like pasta, fettuccini, risotto and pizza. Each delicious dish is prepared with premium ingredients and beautifully presented. It shows that PASTA FRESCA SAIGON is a high-class restaurant. Let's bring that person PASTA FRESCA SAIGON right away, they will surely fall in love right away!

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