What's Good To Eat In The Rain In Saigon? Try Now Before You Miss Out!


Saigon has started the rainy season with sudden rains. But no matter how much rain, it can't stop the footsteps of diners looking for attractive dishes around this city. So do you know what to eat in Saigon when it rains? If not, let this article suggest you some delicious, affordable dishes that will warm your stomach for cold days!

What's good to eat when it rains in Saigon?

So what's good to eat in Saigon when it rains? Saigon is the convergence of culinary quintessence in the four directions. Therefore, you will have a lot of choices to be able to enjoy the delicious taste of five continents and four pools. However, the more diverse the food, the more you will wonder if Which rainy day dishes are the most delicious? Understanding that, today, we will list out the most unique and attractive dishes suitable for the cold weather of the rainy season in Saigon that you can try. Come on, let's check it out now!

Vietnamese rainy season dishes

If you are a follower of hometown dishes, then surely you will not be able to ignore the following dishes in the rainy season such as:

  • Broth dishes with vermicelli, noodles or noodles.

The water dishes in Vietnam we will help you warm up quickly. In addition, because these are the typical dishes for each region and are extremely popular, you can easily find the restaurant anywhere or any delivery platform.

  • Trang Tien ice cream

Sounds strange right? But this is a very interesting experience! Especially when you can share the moment while eating ice cream, sweet and cold, can watch the rain and chat with relatives and friends.

Vietnamese food - Beef noodle soup
A dish for rainy days that is both delicious, cheap, and nutritious.

Korean rainy season food

So, what is a delicious dish to eat in the rain, but it must be more novel? Why don't you try some famous Korean dishes that Vietnamese young people love such as:

  • Spicy noodles
  • Bibimbap Mixed rice
  • Tokbokki spicy rice cake
  • Rib soup with tofu

Because Korea itself is a climate with very low temperatures. Therefore, the dishes originating here will often have a very special spicy flavor. It is those flavors eaten with the national dish – kimchi – that will make you feel warm inside and out.

Korean cuisine
Korean dishes with a distinctive hot and spicy flavor.

Japanese rainy season food

However, if you don't like spicy food but still struggling to find it? If it rains, the dishes from Japan will be extremely suitable for your needs! Some dishes that you can refer to:

  • Udon noodles
  • Tofu seaweed soup
  • Ramen
  • Soba noodles
  • Curry rice with fried chicken/pork

All the dishes mentioned above are 100% not spicy but have a very strange and typical taste for the land of the rising sun. Not only that, they are also extremely good for health because the Japanese often prioritize using nutritious ingredients in their recipes. While watching the rain, eating delicious and healthy food, why don't we try it?

Japanese udon noodles
Udon noodles are sweet and nutritious for health.

European - American rainy season dishes

Then What's good to eat in Saigon when it rains but must have a nice view? Then try the European - American rainy season dishes! Because they can meet all the criteria: delicious - nutritious - cheap - beautiful view for romantic rainy day. This will be the first choice for couples celebrating or dating together. Hot dishes that are both delicious and greasy such as spaghetti with cream sauce, pizza, etc. will surely satisfy your cravings. In addition, the accompanying glasses of wine will make you feel the warmth from the inside of your body.

European and American cuisine
European and American dishes meet all the criteria: delicious - nutritious - cheap - beautiful view for a romantic rainy day.

If you are still struggling to find yourself a cozy, romantic space and guaranteed food taste, visit Pasta Fresca Saigon right away! This is the first Italian restaurant in Saigon. With the chef who is also the founder of the restaurant who is an original Italian, the taste of the dishes will surely make you and your loved ones satisfied. In addition, the space of the restaurant is also an open space but still extremely cozy. You can enjoy the delicious taste while watching the romantic scenery of falling rain. This will definitely be an unforgettable dating memory with your lover.

Chinese rainy season food

Most Chinese dishes are prepared hot. So if you want to find If it's raining in Saigon, try the following suggestions:

  • Dumplings of all kinds.
  • Cantonese Duck Noodles
  • Taiwanese beef noodles
  • Hong Kong Fried Noodles
  • Hainanese chicken rice
  • Dong Nguyen chicken rice

Most dishes in the rainy season in particular or Chinese cuisine in general will be quite greasy. So you can consider to find the most suitable options for yourself!

What to eat when it rains in Saigon?
If you are afraid of grease, choose dimsum right away!

Tips to help you easily choose what to eat when it rains in Saigon

List a few suggestions dishes on rainy days but to be able to choose what to eat in the rain in Saigon is not easy. So let us give you some tips:

Choose a restaurant that offers home delivery!

When it rains, moving will be somewhat difficult and dangerous. Therefore, the criteria for choosing which restaurant to deliver will be the top priority for most diners. If you have a small quantity, you can refer to some platforms such as:

  • Shopeefood
  • Gofood
  • Grabfood

However, if you have a larger need for the purpose of organizing a party for your company or family, please immediately refer to the service. outside catering. This service is currently being Pasta Fresca Saigon provide. All stages of cooking, decorating, serving, etc. will be delivered to the address you require. So you won't have to worry about moving or weather issues. Just eat delicious, food in the middle of the quality without worrying about rain and wind. It's an interesting experience, isn't it?

Service Ouside Catering - the first choice for rainy days.
Service Ouside Catering – the first choice for rainy days.

Some other selection criteria

In addition, you can refer to some selection criteria When it rains, eat something delicious like:

  • Prioritize beautiful scenery and space. ⇒ European and American dishes
  • You and your loved ones especially like spicy food Korean food
  • You like to experience cheap, delicious and familiar food Vietnamese food
  • Prioritize healthy food ⇒ Vietnamese, Japanese, European, American and Korean dishes.
  • You love strong flavors Vietnamese, Chinese food
  • You like greasy food with cheese, milk cream European and American dishes

Let's use the random wheel to choose the dishes on a rainy day

However, not everyone can make an easy decision to choose What to eat when it rains in Saigon. Then we have to ask for the help of technology right away! All you need to do is list the dishes that the article mentioned, copy and paste it into the wheel and click. Random selection will save you time and effort.

You can refer to the following completely free online random spins:


Above are some suggestions and tips to choose nFood on a rainy day. Hopefully the above sharing will help you not to hesitate and find the food and restaurant that best suits your needs. Also, if you want to learn more about outside catering, don't hesitate to contact Pasta Fresca Saigon Get a completely free consultation!

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