Why Do People Usually Dress Up on Halloween?


Decorating Halloween pumpkins, dressing up in masks, makeup, wearing Halloween costumes, etc. Above are all the activities that cannot be missed on "haunted" day. Are you "missing" the elements that make Halloween interesting? Let's explore Pasta Fresca Sai Gon through the article below!

Amidst the dark night and mysterious atmosphere of Halloween, an activity associated with this festival has become a fun and awaited tradition - Halloween costumes. Each year, when the cool breeze blows and the jack-o'-lantern lights come on, people become more excited than ever to transform themselves into strange and scary characters. Halloween makeup is not just a game of makeup and dress up, but it carries with it a mood shift, turning ordinary things into extraordinary things and transporting them into a surreal world.

Origin of Halloween masquerade

Halloween makeup
It is believed that spirits and goblins can pass through and "interact" with the world of the living on Halloween night.

Dressing up on Halloween is a popular tradition in many cultures. Halloween, also called Halloween Night, is a holiday celebrated on October 31 every year. The word “Halloween” is an abbreviation of the phrase “All Hallows' Eve”, which is the day before All Saints' Day in Roman Catholicism.

Halloween has its origins in ancient cultures, in which it was believed that on Halloween night, the boundary between the world of the dead and the world of the living becomes thinner.

Why do people often use makeup on Halloween?

Dressing up on Halloween is a way to pay homage and remember the spirits who have passed away, as well as to trick bad spirits and goblins by wearing spooky cloaks or dressing up as characters. horrified. It also becomes an entertainment and fun activity for everyone, where everyone can express their creativity and enjoy the special atmosphere of this holiday.

Dressing up on Halloween brings a fun and dramatic space, creating opportunities for people to express their creativity and participate in activities such as walking on the streets to receive candy, participating in Halloween parties. or participate in special community events.

Has Halloween become a popular festival around the world?

Initially, Halloween only existed in Western cultures, but through the media and the process of globalization, it has spread to many other countries and territories.

Today, Halloween is observed and celebrated in many countries around the world, including the United States, Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand, European countries and also some Asian countries, such as Japan. and Korea. Each country may have its own customs and traditions in celebrating Halloween. But in general, this day is considered an opportunity for people to participate in activities such as dressing up, wearing Halloween costumes, asking for candy, organizing parties and participating in games and activities related to Halloween. .

5 special traditions that often take place on Halloween

In addition to makeup, dressing up, and wearing strange outfits on the day halloween. And cThere are many other traditions and special activities incorporated into this “spooky” day. Here are some commonly seen traditions and activities:

Walk the streets to get candy (Trick-or-Treating)

Halloween costume
It must be said that Trick-or-Treating is an interesting and traditional activity that brings the community together on Halloween.

Trick-or-Treating is an important Halloween tradition. Children often dress up in Halloween costumes and go from door to door in the neighborhood, knocking on doors and saying “Trick-or-Treat!” (Trick or treat!). This means that children will "trick" people if they do not receive candy and hope to receive small gifts (treat).

People often willingly participate in this activity by preparing a small amount of candy and gifts in advance. When children dressed in Halloween costumes come knocking on the door, people open the door and give them those gifts. This creates a fun, exciting atmosphere. At the same time, it allows children to enjoy the feeling of participating in Halloween as well as receive small rewards.

Trick-or-Treating usually takes place during a specified time on the evening of Halloween. People often turn off the lights in homes that do not participate in the activity or do not want to receive guests, while homes with bright lights and Halloween decorations are often a sign that they welcome children to receive candy.

It must be said that Trick-or-Treating is an interesting and traditional activity that brings the community together on Halloween. Where children can wear masks, dress up in their Halloween costumes and receive small gifts from people in the neighborhood.

Pumpkin Carving Halloween

Cutting pumpkins and creating shapes on this fruit seems to be a special tradition on Halloween. This is called Pumpkin Carving (also known as Jack-o'-Lantern). First, people often buy a large pumpkin and cut open the top of it to create the lid. The pumpkin seeds are then removed and can be used to cook dishes such as steamed pumpkin, roasted pumpkin, or pureed pumpkin.

After the pumpkin is cleaned inside, people will create shapes on the surface of the pumpkin by touching it with a knife. Often, bizarre, spooky or humorous shapes such as ghost faces, monsters, spooky pumpkins or other Halloween symbols are created. Carved details can range from simple cuts to complex motifs. When completed, a small lamp that has been placed inside the pumpkin will light up. Usually, people use LED lights or candles to create interior lighting. The lights emit light from the cutouts and create a very scary effect, which is considered characteristic of Jack-o'-Lantern.

The lanterns emit light from the cutouts and create a very scary effect, considered a characteristic of Jack-o'-Lantern.
The lanterns emit light from the cutouts and create a very scary effect, considered a characteristic of Jack-o'-Lantern.

Wear Halloween masks and makeup: Dress up to be scarier!

Wearing masks on Halloween has become a popular and fun tradition. This festival gives off an air of mystery and fear, and masks are an important part of creating this effect. People like to wear masks because it helps create a special and mysterious image, providing a unique entertainment space for everyone.

Halloween masks also help hide each person's true identity. During Halloween, people can become completely different characters, showing creativity and personalization. From dressing up as a favorite character to creating a unique mask for Halloween, everyone can freely transform and express themselves.

Decorate Halloween with relatives and friends

In addition to Halloween costumes, decorating the house with a spooky concept is also an important part of this holiday. The purpose of this is to bring a scary, creepy and certainly extremely interesting atmosphere. Decorations such as carved pumpkins, spider webs, demons and other scary images create a space that fits the Halloween spirit. Participating in decorating activities like cutting pumpkins, making Halloween cookies, or decorating the house with spooky accessories brings joy and excitement to family and friends.

Halloween decorations also attract attention and create excitement. Unique and special decorations are curious, quirky and stimulate conversation. At the same time, this decorative activity also creates a sense of family and community connection. Families can participate in choosing costumes, creating pumpkin shapes or decorating the house together. On a community level, everyone in the neighborhood participates in the decorations, creating a shared Halloween atmosphere.

Halloween decorations also help people enjoy the spirit of the holiday. It creates a different and special feeling during the year, allowing people to relax, have fun and participate in Halloween-related activities. With the creativity and fun of Halloween decorations, everyone has the opportunity to create memorable memories and enjoy a special holiday of the year.

Watch horror movie

Halloween decoration
Halloween is associated with spooky legends, mystery, and demons, and watching horror movies is a way to participate in those stories.

Watching horror or ghost movies on Halloween has become a popular and exciting activity for a long time. Many people like to enjoy the scary and exciting atmosphere of this holiday by immersing themselves in the world of horror and ghost stories on screen.

Watching horror movies on Halloween not only creates an atmosphere that matches the spirit of the holiday. It also brings a feeling of tension, suspense and excitement to the viewer. Scary situations, special effects and eerie sounds in movies create a special state of mind. Make viewers participate in a spooky adventure and experience strong emotions.

In addition, watching horror movies on Halloween is also a way to enjoy the traditions and rituals of this holiday. Halloween is associated with ghostly legends, mystery, and demons, and watching horror movies is a way to participate in those stories. It must be said, this is a way to explore and experience our fears, while also connecting people with each other.

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