Top 5 Beautiful Green Space Restaurants in Saigon


Saigon has two seasons, that is the hot season and the extremely hot season, and now it's the extremely hot season. It's so hot that we want to "burn up" with the weather. On days like these, surely everyone wants to be immersed in the green space so that the soul can be "green" too. Cooking in the kitchen is a real torture, so today Pasta Fresca will introduce to you the Top 5 restaurants with green space surrounded by trees, beautiful and luxurious design. Guaranteed delicious food, cool space for those who want to "beat" the heat of Saigon.

Pasta Fresca – A restaurant specializing in Italian cuisine with a very chilled green space

The system of Pasta Fresca - specializing in Italian cuisine is extremely familiar to every Italian foodie. There are 2 branches: Pasta Fresca at 28 Thao Dien, Thao Dien ward, district 2 and Pasta Fresca in No. 8-10 Ta Hien, Thanh My Loi Ward, Thu Duc. 2 branches with 2 different design styles make Pasta Fresca always new and attractive in the eyes of diners.

Pasta Fresca – Thao Dien

Pasta Fresca restaurant can accommodate up to 80 guests with open kitchen design, classic architecture, green garden space. When coming here, diners will be extremely impressed with the cool and comfortable space. Especially at night, the space becomes more romantic with shimmering golden lights.

When coming to the restaurant, diners will be extremely impressed with the cool and pleasant green space
When coming to the restaurant, diners will be extremely impressed with the cool and pleasant green space

Pasta Fresca – Thanh My Loi

Unlike the branch in Thao Dien, Pasta Fresca restaurant in Thanh My Loi stands out with its modern, dynamic and youthful design style. The entire interior follows the trend of minimalism and lightness. The outdoor space is very chill with cool green trees. This is an attractive place for intimate meetings with friends, family, relatives, colleagues,…

Very chill outdoor space with tall green trees
Very chill outdoor space with tall green trees

Enjoy unique Italian cuisine in a cool green space

Thanks to the hands of a talented and skillful chef, Pasta Fresca restaurant is proud to bring extremely delicate and unique dishes. Featured with a diverse and attractive Italian menu, especially fresh pasta dishes made entirely by hand (from kneading, rolling / shaping to boiling noodles).

Besides, diners can also enjoy dishes made from premium ingredients, such as Pizza Margherita, Chicken popcorns in chili sauce, Italian classic meatballs, Lasagna Bolognese, Mozzarella sticks in spicy cheesy sauce, Italian Mixed Salad, Classic moka Tiramisu,…

Enjoy authentic Italian cuisine
Enjoy authentic Italian cuisine

Pasta Fresca will give you the experience Italian cuisine authentic and new, with moments of fun with friends and family. Don't forget to contact Pasta Fresca to book a table today.

Mountain Retreat . beautiful green space restaurant

The restaurant is located on the rooftop, it's cool to hear that, right? Mountain Retreat is a garden-style restaurant located on the rooftop of apartment block 36, Le Loi. The location is right in the middle of district 1 so it's super easy to find.

The green space is super bold with the "flavor of the domestic wind" of Vietnam, with cornfields, vines, banana groves, green bamboo groves. In addition, this place is also a world of stone with stone walls, tables and chairs designed from close natural materials.

Mountain Retreat is a rooftop garden style restaurant
Mountain Retreat is a rooftop garden style restaurant

When it comes to food, Mountain Retreat's menu is as simple and familiar as its architecture with Vietnamese dishes like mother's cooking at home: Crispy bacon, grilled rice paper, fried squash with beef, bitter gourd salad by rubbing cotton…

Rice Restaurant

Different from many other places, Rice restaurant is located in the middle of an ancient mansion worth millions of dollars and has a history of more than 50 years. However, until now, Gao restaurant still preserves its unique architecture, especially the space surrounded by green walls.

The white lanterns simulating white rice grains are lit all over the aisle and the dining tables make the restaurant space more magnificent and luxurious every sunset. Surrounded everywhere is a green color of ornamental plants, trees planted outside the garden and inside the restaurant.

White lanterns simulate white rice grains
White lanterns simulate white rice grains

Moreover, Rice is a "treasure" honoring the traditional culinary value of the homeland with many familiar dishes such as: steamed chicken with lemon leaves, crab spring rolls with meat, fried baby squash with beef, braised fish, steamed crabs beer, sour soup,…

Secret Garden Restaurant 158Bis Pasteur

It is considered by many as a "secret garden" in the heart of Saigon with lots of cool green vines and beautiful flowers. The Buddha statue is placed in a central position in the middle of the Secret Garden restaurant 158Bis Pasteur. This shows the owner's love for Buddhism.

Sometimes you can even see chickens running around in the restaurant yard. At night, when looking down from the 4th floor, you will see the bustling Saigon streets with warm yellow electric lights. The green of the trees mixed with the bright moonlight and street lights seem to make you forget all the troubles of life.

The restaurant's menu also includes very simple and cool dishes like a green space, including: Dried beef mango salad, braised meat, fried chicken wings with fish sauce, fried baby ribs with Secret Garden sauce, seabass with Thai sauce , beef rolls with broccoli, …

Hum Vegetarian Green Space Vegetarian Restaurant, Garden & Restaurant

One of the things that Hum Vegetarian attracts diners is its quiet and cool space. The classic design along with the sophistication in the layout, so the green space that Hum vegetarian has left many good impressions in the hearts of customers. Coming to Hum Vegetarian, enjoying frugal vegetarian dishes while enjoying the gentle green space will make many heavy souls become peaceful.

Hum Vegetarian Green Space Vegetarian Restaurant, Garden & Restaurant
Hum Vegetarian Green Space Vegetarian Restaurant, Garden & Restaurant

The taste of the dishes is frugal, the layout is in harmony with the colors of vegetables. The restaurant uses the natural sweetness of vegetables to bring a very flavorful sweet broth. Along with the comfortable space, it is impossible to ignore the delicious and quality vegetarian dishes here.


There is nothing like enjoying a delicious meal in a cool and comfortable green space. If you have not found a restaurant with a nice green space to dine in in Saigon, do not forget to visit the suggestions above!

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