Where to go and what to eat in Saigon? Must-Try Dishes


Traveling to Saigon, where to go and what to eat? This is a convergence of colorful culinary cultures from all regions, bringing a wonderful combination of many unique flavors. This makes tourists often wonder where to eat in Saigon. Let's Pasta Fresca Explore a rich culinary paradise, with a list of delicious dishes not to be missed. Let's find out where to go and what to eat in Saigon!

Where to go and what to eat in Saigon? – Places you must visit

Pasta Fresca Saigon – Enjoy Italian cuisine to the fullest 

If you come to Saigon and are looking for a unique place to experience cuisine, Pasta Fresca Saigon is an option not to be missed. With a romantic and impressive space, this is where you can enjoy great Italian dishes. Pasta Fresca Saigon Not only does it satisfy your delicious needs with the perfect combination of fresh ingredients and spices, but it also brings you unexpected experiences.

Where to go and what to eat in Saigon? Visit PASTA FRESCA now to enjoy delicious Italian dishes
Where to go and what to eat in Saigon? Visit PASTA FRESCA now to enjoy delicious Italian dishes

At Pasta Fresca, you will enjoy fresh pasta dishes, made with high quality ingredients and exquisite cooking techniques. From traditional spaghetti dishes to creative and unique flavors, you will discover the diverse flavors of Italy. Besides, the restaurant also offers appetizers, salads and special menus, ensuring the satisfaction of all diners.

With a diverse and rich menu, you will never be bored when enjoying the dishes here. So, if you are looking for a great place to enjoy cuisine in Saigon, Pasta Fresca Saigon is the ideal destination for you and your loved ones.

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Address: 28 Thao Dien, Thao Dien Ward, City. Thu Duc
Hotline: 0394 513 422

Address: 8-10 Ta Hien, Thanh My Loi Ward, City. Thu Duc
Hotline: 0962 422 243

What to eat when traveling to Saigon? – Ha Ton Quyen Effervescent Dumplings

Where to go and what to eat in Saigon? When walking along Ha Ton Quyen street, the fragrant aroma from bowls of shrimp and meat dumplings captivated hungry diners from evening until late. On both sides of the street, each dumpling shop offers distinct flavors and traditions passed down through generations. Besides the typical flavor of dumplings, you can also enjoy side dishes such as noodles, noodles, etc. However, the "favorite" in the hearts of diners is still the big, delicious dumplings. can resist.

Ha Ton Quyen dumplings are attractive and delicious
Ha Ton Quyen dumplings are attractive and delicious

Pan bread 

What to eat in Saigon? People often hear each other say, “Living in Saigon, even though we lack money, we don't lack food!” If you walk around the districts, every street is lined with shops full of food. However, among them, Banh Mi is one of the most attractive and popular dishes.

The image of fragrant golden bread, accompanied with fillings such as meat, eggs, sausage and herbs makes us irresistible. The feeling of enjoying a piece of hot, crispy bread with rich flavor will make you truly satisfied and satisfied.

Simple dish but conquers many generations
Simple dish but conquers many generations

What's delicious to eat in Saigon? – Broken rice with pork ribs and sausage

Broken rice is a type of rice that is tightly compressed and has small grains, often served with meats and fats. Soft and sweet grilled pork ribs are delicately prepared, combined with crispy pork skin and fragrant egg rolls to create a richness in taste. In addition, the dish is also accompanied by raw vegetables, cucumber, fish sauce and a little sweet and sour fish sauce, creating a great combination of ingredients.

Traditional Vietnamese pho 

Traditional Vietnamese pho, and in Saigon, you can find many famous pho restaurants. The flavor of pho is rich and passionate from chicken or beef broth, accompanied by the aroma of onions, ginger, and spices. Delicious chicken or beef, accompanied by soft and smooth pho noodles, creates a rich and delicious eating experience.


What's delicious to eat in Saigon? Noodle soup is a popular dish in Saigon. Soft and smooth noodles, served with chicken or pork broth, in addition to delicious meats, seafood and fresh vegetables. The flavor of noodles is rich, sweet and attractive.

Fun places when visiting Saigon

When coming to Saigon, there are many interesting entertainment and recreation places that you can explore. Here are some famous places and worth visiting:

23/9 Park

This is the largest park in the center of Saigon, where you can enjoy green space, take a walk, play sports, or relax with family and friends. This park also often hosts cultural and artistic activities.

Opera House

This is a beautiful and famous architectural building where cultural performances, musicals, operas and ballets take place. You can enjoy art performances here.

Young people often visit here every night to play and chat
Young people often visit here every night to play and chat

Bui Vien Quarter

Located in District 1, Bui Vien neighborhood is home to many bars, restaurants, street food stalls and entertainment activities. This is a popular destination for international tourists and locals who want to enjoy a fun and active atmosphere.

Bitexco Financial Tower

This is the tallest building in Saigon, with stunning views from the top floor. You can visit the Skydeck on the 49th floor for views of the city, or enjoy a meal at the restaurant on the upper floor.


Hopefully through the article "Where to go and what to eat in Saigon?" will bring useful information to readers. Hope you have fun moments experiencing food with your loved ones and family! And if you are looking for a unique and classy culinary destination, visit Pasta Fresca and enjoy excellent Italian dishes. Don't miss the opportunity to experience premium flavors and professional service at this restaurant. Come to Pasta Fresca and explore the world of Italian cuisine in Saigon today!


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