Where is Delicious Pizza? What Kind of Pizza Is Best to Eat?


Pizza is a popular dish all over the world and Vietnam is no exception. Standing in the middle of pizza paradise, not everyone knows what kind of pizza is best? Where are delicious pizzas, delicious pizza shops, delicious vegetarian pizzas? Is thick or thin crust pizza better? Let's follow this article to learn more about pizza!

Pizza is made from flour, has a round shape, has filling inside and originates from Italy. Pizza follows diners all over the world. From a traditional dish, it has now spread and become famous. 

But there are many types of pizza, each type at good pizza shops, delicious vegetarian pizza has different flavors, suitable for each taste. If anyone loves pizza, they will definitely know which type of pizza is the best to eat, suitable to their preferences. As for those who rarely eat pizza, it will definitely be difficult to choose.

In fact, don't care too much about which type of pizza is delicious and which pizza most people like to eat. Because delicious or not depends on many different factors. It can be mentioned as taste, cooking method, etc. Maybe the pizza at this restaurant is good, the vegetarian pizza is delicious, but at another place it doesn't taste as good. Or eating hot pizza that has just been baked will be delicious, but once it has cooled, the deliciousness will no longer be the same.

Pizza Meat

If you are a meat lover, don't forget to order Pizza Meat. A super delicious traditional pizza, buying a large size will be enough for the whole family to enjoy. Is thick or thin crust pizza better? The soft, thin meat pizza slices will definitely be very fragrant without being dry or hard. Along with that, the filling is full of ingredients that will make you fall in love with your choice.

This pizza not only has onions and potatoes but is also filled with extremely delicious pieces of pork belly, chicken, and beef. Adding another layer of cheese is extremely attractive.

Is thick or thin crust pizza better?
Is thick or thin crust pizza better?

Seafood pizza

Of all the delicious pizzas, seafood pizza always receives the love of many customers. The ingredients to make these cakes are fresh ingredients such as seafood, pineapple, onions, bell peppers, etc. These ingredients, when combined together, will create a deliciously flavored pizza. Along with that, it ensures adequate nutrition.

The cake is not only crispy but also soft, allowing the person to enjoy the full flavor. The aroma from seafood pizza is always irresistible.

Find yourself a good pizza restaurant and choose the seafood pizza flavor. You will not feel sick when eating seafood pizza. Because there are some vegetables on top of the pizza, it helps the pizza have more fiber and helps you eat more.

Seafood pizza
Seafood pizza

Cheese pizza

Dishes containing cheese have always been popular, not only with adults but also with children. The combination of cheese and other foods creates a wonderful flavor.

The blend of cheese makes pizza, no matter what type of filling, it is delicious and creates an attractive feeling for those who enjoy it. With cheese, the cake will taste richer and more delicious.

Cheese pizza promises to bring an unforgettable taste to those who enjoy pizza for the first time. 

What kind of pizza is best?
What kind of pizza is best?

Beef pizza

When talking about delicious pizza, it is certainly impossible not to mention beef-flavored pizza. If you have ever enjoyed pizza with many different flavors, you definitely cannot miss beef pizza. This cake is made with beef filling. The cake has a very attractive yellow crust and is fragrant and crispy. In the filling is beef mixed with sauce. Spices are perfectly marinated by professional chefs.

Pasta Fresca Thao Dien – Delicious pizza restaurant in Saigon

  • Address: 28 Thao Dien, Thao Dien Ward, City. Thu Duc
  • Hotline: 0394 513 422
  • Email: [email protected]

This is an Italian restaurant, a delicious pizza shop in Saigon that is famous and attractive and known to many people. Pizza has a filling filling, large slices with a variety of attractive Italian dishes. Attractive pizza flavor with typical favorite toppings. Especially the traditional pizza and seafood flavors.

In addition, the pizzas here are very diverse with thin and thick crusts, cheese pizza edges or sausages to suit the preferences of every diner. This place also has very attractive Italian dishes that many people choose. Pizza and side dishes at Pasta Fresca Thao Dien rich in flavor Europe very special.

Pasta Fresca Thao Dien – Delicious pizza restaurant in Saigon
Pasta Fresca Thao Dien – Delicious pizza restaurant in Saigon

Pasta Fresca Thanh My Loi - Delicious pizza shop not to be missed

  • Address: 8-10 Ta Hien, Thanh My Loi Ward, City. Thu Duc
  • Hotline: 0962 422 243
  • Email: [email protected]

Pasta Fresca  is one of the leading Italian restaurants in Saigon. The branches of this Italian restaurant chain are all famous for their crowds Professionally serving the freshest and most delicious dishes. Not just pizza but also appetizers, pasta, desserts and of course the perfect wine.

Saigon's first Italian restaurant, combining your favorite fresh pasta with any dish you love. The sauces here are all homemade with the most special secrets. This has become Pasta Fresca Saigon's unique mark.

Hopefully the recent information, PASTA FRESCA SAIGON will help you choose the best type of pizza, delicious pizzas, delicious vegetarian pizzas. If you are looking for a service provider catering with the best quality, please contact us immediately for the most dedicated advice!


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