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Catering service in Ho Chi Minh City is being favored by many businesses, individuals and organizations. The reason is because of convenience, speed and reasonable price. However, to find a quality catering service in Ho Chi Minh City is not easy. First, you must understand what outside catering is? What is the working process of the catering service HCM company? Let's find out together now!

What is the catering service in Ho Chi Minh City?

First, you need to find out what catering is? It can be said that catering service is one of the forms of providing party services at the place that customers request.

This is one of the services at hotels and restaurants. In addition to serving food, catering also takes care of decoration, organization, menu planning, lighting and sound. Because it is a full-service service, the providers must be responsible for the organization from the planning stage. This will help customers not have to spend a lot of time and money to hire many different individual services.

catering service HCMC
The outside catering service at Pasta Fresca Saigon is highly appreciated by many customers

Benefits of choosing Pasta Fresca Saigon's Ho Chi Minh City catering service

Catering service HCM at Pasta Fresca Saigon helps bring many benefits to restaurants and hotels when using. The reason is because the quality of service here is highly appreciated and especially always at the top of the restaurant and hotel services. Catering service at Pasta Fresca Saigon is responsible for the implementation from the beginning to the end. This helps restaurants to increase their profits tremendously.

At parties, the number of participants is very large. Therefore, when hiring catering services, restaurants and hotels will be able to do well in their organization. Besides, the name of the restaurant will also be more noticeable because it brings the best experience to customers.

Address providing catering service in Ho Chi Minh City
The guests who know the restaurant will also feel the quality of service and can become potential customers of the restaurant.

Closed and professional working process at Pasta Fresca Saigon

We will need time to prepare the stages from A to Z. The following closed process will help customers know about the stages and the work that needs to be done.

Receiving customer requests

Our customers will make requirements on the quantity, the type of party; In addition, customer information is recorded. After that, the two parties will agree on a number of issues related to the party such as the date of organization, the incentives, the menu and the specific service costs.

Brainstorming ideas and plans for the party

Customers can be the first to come up with ideas and provide our services. Or the customer will ask the service organizer to come up with ideas and plans. The client will then review this plan. The organizers will plan the implementation stages and contingency measures in the event of a power outage or rain.

Besides, we also agree on the activities that take place in each specific time frame in the parties; issuing invitations; the number of service staff; background…. will also be agreed in the most specific and professional manner. 

outside catering service
Commit to implementing the planned work so that everything goes as originally planned

Catering service in Ho Chi Minh City implements the plan

The preparation and starting stages will also be arranged and arranged in the most reasonable and accurate way. First before the party, we will prepare the sounds; light; devices; food fully.

Besides, cleaning the place of the party, decorating and arranging the staff to lead guests into the party area. Along with that is guide them with the necessary information. The event communication department will also proceed as planned.

Next is in the event, the main event organizers will conduct all activities. Besides, it is responsible for ensuring that all activities are carried out as planned and bring satisfaction to customers. 

We will also arrange staff to observe and respond if customers have any requirements. Ensure all stages are taken place in the process of organizing the party in the most perfect way; such as providing food, water, etc. Photographers will also be hired to capture the best moments and document them.

After the party is over, the organizers will deploy staff to clean the area and clean up and clean the equipment used. Besides that is dismantling the decorations; clean up sound and light equipment; hand over a clean space as before to stakeholders.

outside catering service in HCM
Professional and fast process


Hope this information has helped you understand about the catering service in HCMC coming from Pasta Fresca Saigon. And contact us today for the earliest consultation and to receive attractive offers for you!

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