Valentine's Day Dishes That Will Make Her Love You


Valentine's day is near, many men want to create romance for their other half with dishes that taste a little different from usual. But if you are still wondering, don't know what to eat and where to eat. Then this article will tell you guys to have a romantic party for Valentine's Day.
Many people often say that the shortest way to the heart is through the stomach. Especially during important anniversaries like Valentine's Day. Spending some time together to enjoy your special day. Helps express sincere feelings for your loved one. It would be great when men proactively plan a romantic party with delicious food. Therefore, choosing a sophisticated menu and an ideal date location will help both of you have a truly perfect Valentine's Day. Guys, let's take a look at the following Valentine's Day dishes to warm up your love right away.

1. Valentine's Day dishes cannot be complete without chocolate

Of course Chocolate is the first dish when mentioning dishes for Valentine's Day. Chocolate has become a famous dessert everywhere in the world. Especially on Valentine's Day, this is the most meaningful and popular gift. Couples will prepare chocolate gift boxes of all colors and flavors. That is a sweet gift to give to your lover instead of saying something. As an indispensable part, when mentioning Valentine's Day, everyone remembers chocolate first. 

Currently on the market there are many different types of chocolate. From domestically produced chocolate to imported from abroad. If you don't know which type of chocolate to choose that is delicious and has a unique flavor. Let Pasta Fresca Saigon suggest it to you. 

Chocolate is one of the most chosen Valentine's Day treats.
Chocolate is one of the most chosen Valentine's Day treats.

For domestically produced chocolate, there are: Marou chocolate; Vinacacao. For foreign brands, you can choose: Merci; Meiji; Lindt… 

You can choose chocolate based on your partner's taste preferences. You can choose pure dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate... Each different type will have its own flavor and characteristics. If your lover likes bitter food, look at the ingredients and choose chocolate with 70% cocoa or more. If she likes sweet, you can choose milk chocolate, matcha chocolate...

2. Spaghetti with Minced Beef Sauce - like the emotional bond on the list Valentine's Day dishes

Spaghetti is a dish that was born in the country and has a lovely boot shape. And now, spaghetti is increasingly popular all over the world. They have long been awarded the title "Queen of Italian Cuisine". This is the pride of the people in this country. Spaghetti with Minced Beef Sauce is also known as Spaghetti. Golden, soft and chewy Spaghetti strands with a light tomato sauce. All mixed with rich, sweet minced beef. Surely Italian Pasta will bring a delicious and irresistible feeling when enjoying it. A "memorable" Valentine's evening with delicious food is waiting for you!

Each strand of Spaghetti mixed with delicious sauce is one of the attractive dishes for Valentine's Day
Each strand of Spaghetti mixed with delicious sauce is one of the attractive dishes for Valentine's Day

Please refer to the menu of other Italian Pasta dishes here Please. 

3. New dishes for Valentine's Day: Beef Steak with Black Pepper Sauce

This is one of the famous dishes from the West. Beef Steak often appears at luxurious parties at restaurants. Especially Italian restaurants, with their own unique Italian cooking style. Steak is a cut of beef that is sauteed, grilled or baked. It sounds simple at first glance. But it takes a chef with high techniques to make the perfect Steak. Normally, Beef Steak is served with excellent black pepper sauce. Thanks to that, it enhances the flavor of the dish. Depending on personal preferences, this dish will have different flavors.

Change the flavor with Beef Steak with Black Pepper Sauce for a romantic meal
Change the flavor with Beef Steak with Black Pepper Sauce for a romantic meal

In general, the standard black pepper beef dish is a large, soft piece of beef. When you enjoy it, it's still pink and pale inside. The meat must blend well with the sauce, not too dark but cool. Especially the familiar spicy taste of black pepper. You can also enjoy this dish with wine for a more hearty and cozy dinner and dishes for Valentine's Day.

To enjoy the perfect Beef Steak from top-class chefs. You can't help but visit the Italian restaurant Pasta Fresca Saigon. Or you can book a table in advance. 

4. Enjoy wine

Wine is a drink that makes a party more attractive and romantic. For a long time, wine has been chosen to enjoy with Western dishes including Spaghetti and Steak. 

The perfectly blended flavors contribute to awakening the taste buds and making the dish more delicious. Perhaps that is why, many people think that enjoying wine on special days is also the optimal choice for a romantic dinner. 

Through the above article, guys have learned the secret to choosing dishes for Valentine's Day yet. The above food suggestions will help make Valentine's Day more meaningful. Then there's nothing left to wait for. Make an appointment now to Pasta Fresca Saigon and start a romantic dinner with your loved one. 

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