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The atmosphere of Valentine's Day is pervading everywhere and you still can't think of a place to date your other half? Watching movies or going shopping seems too familiar and boring for both of them? Going out on Valentine's Day must be special to create unforgettable memories. Therefore, if you want to impress your lover, you must refer to 4 places to go out on Valentine's Day in Saigon right away.

The special meaning of Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day February 14, also known as Valentine's Day, is based on a long-standing legend. The story tells of a tyrannical king who wanted to forbid men and women from falling in love in his Roman Empire. But despite taking all different measures, the lovers still overcome and come together. A bishop named Valentine was moved by these heartfelt sentiments. Therefore, he held a secret wedding for the lovers.

He was later arrested and sentenced to death on February 14. On the day of his execution, Father Valentine sent the first "Valentine card" to the jailer's daughter Asterius. On the card, Father Valentine wrote "dal vostro Valentino", which roughly translates to "from my Valentine". Gradually, February 14 became the day when lovers exchanged love letters to each other. 

On Valentine's Day to show love to each other, couples often exchange gifts. Accordingly, flowers and chocolate are two extremely delicate and important gifts. Dating together is also a very good and impressive idea.

Where to go out on Valentine's Day in Saigon

Pasta Fresca Saigon Italian Restaurant

New Valentine's place in Saigon
A romantic evening with the other half at Pasta Fresca Saigon is a very meaningful gift

Pasta Fresca Saigon restaurant has a simple and ancient beauty but no less romantic features. The space with many Asian and European styles blends to create a very unique charm. Not only has the beauty infatuated with people, coming to Pasta Fresca Saigon you will have the most unique culinary experience. Dishes at the restaurant are diverse when serving both Asian and European dishes. The taste of the dish is made with a recipe that has been passed down for generations. This is the attractive feature of the restaurant. Coming to Pasta Fresca Saigon, couples can also enjoy a romantic space with dim lights.

A romantic and luxurious Valentine's date night with attractive dishes. Why not? A romantic evening with your partner at Pasta Fresca Saigon It is a very meaningful gift.

The Factory Contemporary Art Center

The Factory Contemporary Arts Centerr conquers the hearts of art lovers
The Factory Contemporary Arts Centerr conquers the hearts of art lovers

The Factory Contemporary Art Center is known as the first contemporary art center in Saigon. This is definitely a paradise for art enthusiasts.

Coming to the art center, you and your other half can enjoy and admire art works in many different forms. This place has a noble mission and ambition that is to connect the Vietnamese identity with the artistic quintessence of the world. Your date will become full of energy when you can join the sessions workshop full of inspiration. Then let's recharge the soul with unique works of art. And surely, the two souls will connect closer through these works. The Factory Contemporary Art Center will definitely be one of the hot Valentine's Day hangout places in Saigon.

Nguyen Hue Walking Street

Nguyen Hue Walking Street is Saigon's new entertainment paradise
Nguyen Hue Walking Street is Saigon's new entertainment paradise

Surely Nguyen Hue pedestrian street is too familiar to young people in Saigon. This is a very hot entertainment and dating center in recent times. So at Nguyen Hue pedestrian street, what can couples do? Into the atmosphere of Valentine's Day, couples can walk hand in hand. Nguyen Hue is also favored by people when calling it a paradise of entertainment and emotions. Participating in activities such as flashmob dancing, ethnic musical instruments, etc. is very interesting and never boring. Activities that will bond the two of you together make the relationship stronger. So, let's try dating at Nguyen Hue pedestrian street this Valentine's Day.

New Moon Rooftop

Where to go for a Valentine's Day date in Saigon
If you want to see the beauty of Saigon, Rooftop is the place for you

If you like to admire the magnificent beauty of Saigon, then Moon Non Rooftop is the place for you. This is the ideal place for couples to enjoy the sunset. Or watch the bustling appearance of Saigon at night. In an airy and warm space, you can see the Landmark 81 building in the distance. Gentle acoustic melodies will make the space more romantic so that the two of you can confide in each other.

Tips for dating on Valentine's Day 

  • Tailored clothing. No need to be too fussy, well-groomed clothes, neat hair and a perfume will make a strong impression on that person.
  • Prepare a specific schedule. In order for the Valentine's outing in Saigon to go smoothly and create the most highlight, the first thing is a specific schedule. In addition, if the place to go out on Valentine's Day in Saigon is a restaurant, movie theater, .. Please book in advance to show your thoughtfulness.
  • On time. Not only on Valentine's Day, but also on regular dates that need punctuality. Being on time for an appointment is respecting the time that the other party gives you.


Dating places in Saigon are very diverse and rich. But it is important that we know how to choose places that suit our personalities and preferences. Hopefully through this article, you and your other half will find the most suitable Valentine's Day outing place in Saigon. Wishing the lovers a sweet and happy Valentine's Day. 

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