Cooking Romantic Dinner for 2 – Good Idea


Cooking a romantic dinner for two is one of the ways to help your "flag" or your partner fall in love with this Valentine. However, for those who do not know how to cook or do not know what to eat, it is indeed an extremely difficult thing. The following article will suggest you extremely romantic dishes to make your dinner the most impressive. Let's find out right here!

Suggest dishes to cook a romantic dinner for 2 people

Chocolate wrapped strawberries to give to your lover on Valentine's Day

Instead of choosing the usual traditional chocolates, why don't you try to cook and give them hand-made strawberry-wrapped chocolates in a very unique and new form. The processing is extremely simple, the taste is delicious and carries a lot of meaning about the couple's love.

cook a romantic dinner for 2 people
Chocolate covered with strawberries is one of the dishes that you can cook for your lover

Sweet Lava Chocolate

Lava Chocolate Cake is one of the cakes made from chocolate. And it can be said that this is one of the ideal cakes to give to girls who love romance and sweetness. Especially when this cake is made by someone you love. This cake is shaped like a muffin; Lava Chocolate is extremely attractive with a soft, dry exterior.

When rolling into the cake, the chocolate will melt extremely impressively. The chocolate inside the cake has a sweet and bitter taste, mixed with a soft and fragrant cake with the meaning symbolizing the emotions of love.

Idea cook a romantic dinner for two – Rose cupcakes

It can be said that the rose is one of the flowers to symbolize the couple's love; and rose cupcakes represent the sweetness of love. Making your own rose cupcakes will be one of the romantic dating ideas for your girl. With the extremely sweet taste from the cake combined with the lovely pink buds decorated on top.

romantic dinner for 2 in hcm
This is definitely one of the dishes that will help express your sincere love to your loving half.

Romantic Korean rice rolls

This is one of the dishes that appear a lot in love stories in the land of kimchi. Korean rice rolls are probably one of the most familiar and easy-to-make dishes. But the meaning coming from this dish is very impressive. Let's make the most delicious and meaningful Korean rice rolls together.

This will be one of the extremely attractive dating ideas for this Valentine. Ingredients to make this dish include carrots, white rice, eggs, spring rolls, spinach, seaweed, ... and some common spices that are easy to find at supermarkets.

Cookies are the idea cook a romantic dinner for 2 people

The cookies with the cute and funny bear shape will make your Valentine's date with your lover more intimate, natural and meaningful. Cakes are made mainly from very simple ingredients such as red beans, potatoes, glutinous rice flour, ... The cookies will represent the very cute love story of the couple.

romantic dinner for 2 people
This is definitely one of those dishes that any girl would love

Salted egg sponge cake with delicious taste

Of the salted egg sponge cake that you make yourself and give to someone you love has a very different meaning. Salted egg sponge cake symbolizes a beautiful, cohesive and extremely lasting love. This dish is made from many different ingredients; gives those who enjoy the feeling of a soft, fragrant aroma mixed with the fatty taste of cheese and the salty taste of salted eggs.

Hot hot pot of love interest

When we hear the name love pot, we can also think of a space filled with the taste of love. The reason this dish is called love pot, because when enjoying this dish, your pot of broth will be divided into two different compartments. One side is spicy, the other is sweet. This is meant to symbolize extremely interesting emotions in love.

romantic dinner for 2 people in HCMC
The feeling of being with your lover around the hot hot pot of Valentine's Day is one of the great dating ideas.

Sweet and warm cake

Of course, Valentine's cake is considered a very important dish. With a sweet and irresistible taste. Cream cake is meant to symbolize a passionate and romantic love. In the upcoming valentine's day 14/2, a cake for your girl is completely reasonable.

To add to the romance, you can choose to cook cakes decorated with beautiful strawberries on top.


Above are suggestions for some dishes that you can cook a romantic dinner for two on Valentine's Day. And if you are looking for a space Italian cuisine extremely romantic and sophisticated to date with your lover; Please contact Pasta Fresca Saigon today for the earliest advice on the menu and to reserve your table!

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