10/20 Wishes For Crush To Take Over Your Heart


A crush's heart is always the coldest and most unpredictable thing. So why don't we take advantage of special occasions, send wishes to our crush who has made them super-sweet through sweet words? If you still don't know how to do it, let Pasta Fresca Saigon tell you! Let's take a look at 20/10 wishes for Crush and other special occasions to win their hearts right away!

20/10 wishes for crush in Vietnamese

October 20 is a holiday dedicated to Vietnamese women. Therefore, this will be a favorable opportunity for you to show your care and thoughtfulness with just a few seconds of spending with simple but meaningful wishes. In addition, October 20 is also in the autumn period. With the cold weather and the warmth conveyed in small words and gifts, who can't be super-heartened?

Wishes through songs

Instead of the usual wishes that are somewhat less interesting, why not try using songs to send to your crush? Songs can be integrated into stories on Facebook, Instagram or sent directly via message to crush is also an option. Catchy songs, sweet words will make your crush smile as soon as you receive that message! You can use some familiar lyrics, shaking hands but extremely sweet to replace the 20/10 wishes for your crush like 

  • “Counting sheep” – Han Sara ft. Kay Tran

  • “Like you a little too much” – Wren Evan

  • “From love to love” – Amee ft Hoang Dung.

  • “Can I love you” – Duc Phuc

  • "Because love keeps stabbing" - Min ft Den Vau

Wishes in English

Please immediately refer to the 20/10 wishes for your crush in English if you want to both show your love and care but still not forget to "get it" with your crush. These sayings are suitable for writing on small cards that are sent into the bouquets or gifts that you have prepared for your crush.

  • “Your name is my favorite words.” – Your name is my favorite word!
  • “You can't blame gravity for falling in love (with me).” (You can't blame gravity for falling in love with me!)
  • “Your smile is like sunshine falling into my eyes.” (Translation: Your smile is like a ray of sunshine falling into my eyes.)
  • “Wishing you the best of luck with the best version of yourself!”. (Translation: Wish you happiness with the best version of yourself!)

Some other special occasions

However, it is not enough to just give wishes to your crush on October 20. Just pocket a few suggestions, unique wishes for other occasions to improvise and send to your crush as soon as you need it!

Good exam wishes for crush

Exams are always an easy time for many students to face pressure and affect their morale. Then why don't you take advantage of this opportunity to make your crush notice you more. Good exam wishes for crush should prioritize sharing, reduce pressure. You can refer to wishes like:

  • Wish you good luck on your exam! You just need to do your best to study for the exam, I'll take care of the rest for you.
  • I wish you all the best in the exam like how you won my heart!
  • Good exam in! If it's not good, don't worry because I'm here!
  • Always believe in yourself, I'm here to support you!
How to wish your crush good exam
Share the worries and pressures that come from each exam to bring your crush closer.

Good night wishes for crush

In contrast to other cases, good night wishes for crush should be simple and guaranteed to be concise. That's because good night wishes for your crush will repeat over and over again. If it's too long, it will make your crush feel overwhelmed or even annoyed.

So you can wish as simple as:

  • Sleep well!
  • Sweet dream!
  • Don't forget to cover it with a blanket!
  • Good night, sleep tight!
  • Sweet dreams!
  • Night night!
  • May all your dreams be of amazing things.

8/3 wishes for crush

Similar to October 20, March 8 is also a holiday for women, but with a broader scope. So this will be a particularly suitable occasion for friends who know online and play games together to have the opportunity to express their interest in the most obvious way. Therefore, you can also reuse the 20/10 wishes for your crush instead of the 8/3 wishes for your crush. Besides, Pasta Fresca Saigon also has a few 8/3 wishes for your crush for your reference:

  • Not only March 8 but every day that passes, please always be cheerful and happy!
  • Always believe in yourself, I'm here to support you!
  • You are the most beautiful when you are yourself. 8/3 have fun coming in!
  • This 8/3 you are the most beautiful flower!
Help your crush's 8/3 become sweeter!
Help your crush's 8/3 become sweeter!

February 14 wishes for crush

Valentine Valentine's Day is the day that represents love. Therefore, February 14 wishes for crush are not just words anymore. Instead, these are the silent confessions you send to them. So don't be afraid to say "cheesy" words. Then let's point out the February 14 wishes for your crush with Pasta Fresca Saigon!

  • “Will you be my valentine?” (Translation: Do you want to be my Valentine?)
  • “Like you and me, some things are just meant to be.” (Like you and me, there are things that are destined for each other.)


Above are some 20/10 wishes for crush as well as good wishes for 8/3, 14/2 or on good exam, good night for crush. However, a thousand words are not equal to one practical action. If you are still struggling to find a gift for your crush, why not take your crush to one romantic meal huh? A private, romantic space with delicious dishes at the first Italian restaurant in Saigon will be the first choice for you! Get in touch with Pasta Fresca Saigon Book your table and get exclusive offers now!

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