Ordering a Party at Home District 2 – Which is the Most Prestigious Service?


Ordering a party at home in District 2 is no longer a new service for consumers today. When choosing home cooking service in District 2 or catering service at home in District 2 ; Many consumers worry about the cost level. So where is the most prestigious and quality cooking service in District 2? Let's find out together now!

Special forms at the house in District 2

Table service and set menu

This is one of the traditional party types and is used with the most demand today. Normally, a party table will have about 8 to 10 people. The number of tables with 10 people is the most widely and popularly applied.

The menu of an ordinary banquet table is combined with many dishes from 5 to 10 dishes depending on the conditions and characteristics of the party.

Book a party at the house in District 2
A perfect menu will be combined including starters, main courses and a dessert

Special service finger food, also known as hand party

This means that the food will be handled by hand and the eater will use their hands to pick up the food. This party is suitable for parties, companies or enterprises. Conferences, light parties. The party went on quickly in a few hours. The dishes are prepared and arranged very neatly and cleanly so that diners can handle them easily. Booking a party at the house in District 2 in Pasta is a great choice.

Book a party at home in District 2 – Buffet party

Buffet is also known as buffet. When attending a party, everyone will be free to choose their favorite dishes. The buffet originated from abroad and is popular in Vietnam in recent years.

District 2 cooking service
This is considered one of the most widely used types of party organization

Tea break party, also known as tea party

The nature of this party is the same as that of a party finger food or buffet. But they will be different in that the menu is mainly drinks, cakes or coffee. Tea parties are often held when there are seminars, meetings, festivals, grand openings, product launches, exhibitions.

Pasta Fresca's tea party is extremely diverse with more than 100 different cakes and dozens of drinks.

Cooking service at home in District 2
Customers are completely free to choose the menu with the price they want

BBQ Party

It is no longer strange to mention the name of this party. The usual party will be held outdoors with an extremely diverse menu and grilled dishes. The party will be held on holidays or weekends when parties or gatherings of friends. The party is organized from about 20 to 30 people.

Price list of special services at home in District 2

What each customer is extremely interested in when choosing Pasta Fresca Saigon is the main menu of the party and the price list for each dish. So how to get a price list that best suits the needs of users and party participants?

The answer to this question will be decided by you when choosing Pasta Fresca Saigon's special in-house service. Customers will be able to completely decide their menu. Along with that is the party price list to be able to best suit your wishes, needs and budget. Customers can book a table from only 2,000,000 for the party dishes you have chosen.

home cooking service in district 2
And of course you can also order the menu with luxury dishes and higher prices

What is the most prestigious special service at home in District 2?

Pasta Fresca Saigon is one of the units that specializes in providing special services for organizing events, ordering buffets, ordering tea parties, mobile parties, corporate parties, year-end parties; with an extremely professional, young, historical and experienced working team. Along with that is the desire to bring the best experience and service to customers.

Pasta Fresca Saigon always invests all its enthusiasm, utilities, and service knowledge to serve customers in the best and most professional way. From then on, customers when choosing Pasta Fresca Saigon will always fully enjoy intimate and happy moments with their relatives, colleagues or friends on special occasions without having to give up. too much time, expense or concern.

With an extremely diverse and rich menu, Pasta Fresca Saigon promises to bring you dishes with full flavor and processing from three regions of Vietnam. Besides, there are Asian and European dishes. The dishes are extremely delicious and satisfying as well as hygienic.

In particular, we always put the customer's satisfaction experience first. Therefore, profit is always the issue that Pasta Fresca Saigon sets out last.

Today, as the society is developing, the demand for party organization is increasing day by day. There will be more and more parties to entertain guests and organize gatherings. Therefore, ordering a party at home in District 2 is often popular because of its convenience; low price; clean; Delicious and time saving. Contact us today for the earliest consultation!

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