Where is the best place to book a party at home in District 7 today?


You want to know where is the good quality and affordable party cooking service in District 7? Where to provide professional home cooking services in District 7? Please contact PASTA FRESCA SAIGON for advice!

In families or companies, there are often gatherings such as birthday parties, full moon parties, baby showers, baby showers, friends gatherings, family gatherings, year-end parties, holidays... Family gatherings Such activities are usually small-scale, organized at home. Home cooking service in District 7 is a great solution that many families and businesses are using today. However, these catering services usually hold 3 or more tables. The party is really small with only 3 tables, there are best solutions for families when using our family party booking service.

Advantages when choosing to book a party at home in District 7

Attractive affordable rates

In order to meet the needs of customers for convenience and luxury for meetings, our company has opened a service to cook dishes at home in District 1. PASTA FRESCA SAIGON with many years of experience in food processing is confident to bring satisfaction to customers. We specialize in providing home-cooked meals in District 1 from the simplest to the most luxurious, from birthday parties, housewarming, baby showers, ..reasonable prices.

Food quality is guaranteed

What we have the most confidence in for our customers is the quality of the food. The ingredients of the dishes are carefully selected, with clear origins to ensure food hygiene and safety. With a team of experienced chefs in food processing, the processing process is clean, neat, and elaborately processed to create delicious and nutritious dishes for diners. 

We always update new dishes, new ways of processing, change the menu to suit diners. Our cuisine is full of delicious traditional dishes from all over the country. The dishes are carefully and beautifully arranged to create a luxurious atmosphere for meetings.

The menu is rich and varied 

Coming to PASTA FRESCA SAIGON, you will enjoy a diverse and rich menu. You can choose dishes according to your preferences, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

Experienced staff 

PASTA FRESCA SAIGON is proud of a team of chefs with many years of experience in preparing dishes with dedication and professionalism. Therefore, our dishes always bring absolute satisfaction to diners with delicious taste and quality. A staff of young, dynamic and professional service like a restaurant will bring you satisfied service.


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