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You may not know, Valentine's Day - Valentine is not only 1 day. There are 3 days in a year. Each day carries a Valentine's Day meaning as well as a separate message. Let's find out interesting things about this special holiday with Pasta Fresca Saigon. 

1. The Origin of Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day in English is called Valentine Day. This name is named after Saint Valentine - one of the first Christian martyrs. In the past, Valentine's Day was only popular in North America and Europe. But today, this holiday is popular in almost every country.

There are many anecdotes about the origin of Valentine's Day - Valentine. But the most widely circulated story, is the story of a priest named Valentine under the Roman Emperor Claudius II.

The Origin of Valentine's Day
The Origin of Valentine's Day

Around the 3rd century, the Roman Empire had many bloody wars. And these wars are not supported by the people. At that time, because it was difficult to call young men in the country to join the army. Emperor Claudius II thought that Roman men did not want to leave their families or lovers. He believes that marriage only makes men weak. With this in mind, Claudius II banned people from holding engagements or weddings. With the aim to fully focus on the war.

The king's decree was opposed by many people, including the priest Valentine of Rome and St. Marius. They continue to preside over wedding ceremonies for young couples in secret. Not long after, this was discovered, and Father Valentine was arrested. He was sentenced to death by dragging and stoned to death on February 14, 273. On the afternoon before his execution, he sent the first "Valentine card" to the daughter of the warden Asterius. It was a young woman born blind who was miraculously healed by him. On the card that Father Valentine sent her was signed "dal vostro Valentino" (translated as From your Valentine - from your Valentine).

Since then, every year on February 14, the meaning of Valentine's Day is that couples exchange messages of love. Saint Valentine also becomes the patron saint of couples in love.

2. Valentine's Days of the Year

You may not know, Valentine's Day - Valentine is not only 1 day. There are 3 days in a year. Each day has a different meaning and message.

2.1 Red Valentine's Day February 14

This is a traditional, well-known Valentine's Day. On this day, couples will show their affection and give each other gifts. It is a fact that, on Red Valentine's Day, everyone can give each other gifts. No distinction between men and women.

Valentine's day for couples who love each other
Valentine's day for couples who love each other

2.2 White Valentine's Day March 14

Valentine's Day - White Valentine originated in Japan in the 60s of the 20th century. This holiday is held on March 14 every year, one month after Red Valentine's Day takes place. 

Many people believe that this day is the day to reciprocate the other's feelings if they have been confessed to before on February 14.

2.3 Black Valentine's Day April 14

For Valentine's Day – Black Valentine originated in Korea. Usually takes place on April 14 every year. The name Black Valentine appeared because it was a day for single boys and girls. They will invite each other to eat black bean noodles. They want to affirm that even if they are still single, they still enjoy happy moments. 

Black Valentine - self-rewarding reigns
Black Valentine – self-rewarding reigns

3. What do couples usually do on Valentine's Day?

3.1 Celebrate Valentine's at home just the two of you

You don't have to go out to eat, watch movies, go out to be romantic. A valentine evening in the cozy house for only two people is also a delicate choice. A few flickering candles were lit. A simple meal prepared by two people themselves. The couple watched a romantic movie together. Such simple things but also romantic but very private and economical.

3.2 Secretly prepare a surprise date for that person 

A date in a strange new place. Being organized with surprising activities is also a way to renew the feelings of two people. 

Or surprise gifting a trip somewhere for both of you to explore a new place. Let's have very private days together to warm up our feelings. 

3.3 Dating food

Eating out, going to the movies, or going for a walk may seem like the norm. But you can do something different to create a new feeling. Take her to a European restaurant, for example. Enjoy dishes with new flavors to awaken the taste buds. In a romantic setting with candles, flowers and melodious music, enjoying a delicious meal will also make her fall in love. 

A romantic dinner with candles, flowers and melodious music
A romantic dinner with candles, flowers and melodious music

One of the interesting places for your date on Valentine's Day is the restaurant Pasta Fresca. 

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Hopefully, through the article sharing interesting things and the meaning of Valentine's Day, will help you better understand this day. Also suggest you how to organize an impressive Valentine's Day. If you are in need of a romantic space to give her something special, don't forget to drop by Pasta Fresca Saigon. We will help you come up with a new plan. And choose attractive dishes for Valentine's Day. 

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